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Using Your Blender for Making Juice is Convenient Option

    It is rare nowadays that a household has both a juicer and a blender. And why should they? When blenders can also be used for juicing as explained in the article. Yes, it’s true. Blenders now come equipped with a juicing option, and that makes them highly valued. People find it tedious work to make juices because you always need them fresh, and in the past, we had to do that manually, but now machines have made our job far easier.

    Difference between juicer and blender

    A juicer is a machine that is used to separate the pulp and cover of the fruit from the juice. So, the juice is all that you get in the end; the pulp is removed or thrown out. But, in a blender, the pulp along with the juice are all taken out with the help of blades, which is the preferred drink nowadays and is known as smoothies.

    Blender for juicing 

    There are some blenders available that have a juicer attachment in them. Such machines are more beneficial and can have other options as well, such as chopping and grinding. 

    Standard blenders can also be used for juicing, make sure that your blender is high powered and can quickly grind and juice all the components in equal and consistent quality.

    Juices are good for your health and provide you with a wide range of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and many nutrients. It is a great way to start your day and is a healthier option than buying juices from the supermarket, as they contain many additives.

    Types of blenders

    Either you can choose a typical countertop blender or a blender juicer combo. Both can work efficiently. Let’s see which is the better option if you haven’t bought one yet.

    A blender with a juicer attachment has parts that you can attach to your blender to process as a juicer. You would need to follow the instructions carefully and use them. It removes the pulp and juice in separate containers.

    A juicer and blender combo is what you need. It is a multipurpose, all in one machine that can provide you with not just a juicing option but also chopping and grinding. This is the best option as it covers many areas.

    Using a standard blender 

    You can use your standard blender for juicing too. All you need to do is buy a universal strainer; this can be fitted in many blenders and helps in juicing. You can also blend the contents first and then pass them through a strainer. Or you can add water with the fruits and vegetables, it won’t be pure juice, but it will have a lot more power than a juice.

    Qualities for a blender used for juicing 

    Many things make a blender best for juicing, and other purposes as well. Before you buy a blender, these are some factors that should be considered.

    The first thing is the wattage of your blender; it should be extremely high powered to act as both a blender and a juicer. Its blades must also be durable. It should come with many speed ranges so it easier for you. It should be cheap, but not that much that you compromise on its quality. 


    By using a blender as a juicer, you make your life a lot easier and your pocket a lot heavier. You won’t have to waste money on different appliances that can perform a single task. Buying a blender combo will help you in having all the features in just a single machine.