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UV Rays Protection Tips

    Skin is not only the largest organ you have, but it is also the key to a good first impression. To keep your body looking and being healthy, attractive, and youthful, you need to have a skin care strategy. By following the general ideas contained here, you will be able to have gorgeous skin for the rest of your life.

    Tips To Help You Protect Your Skin from UV Rays

    When it comes to UV rays, the more tanning tips you can use, the better your tanning experience results. Use these five easy tanning tips to make the most of your tan and protect your skin from UV rays.


    • Know your UV index


    What is the UV index of the day? This will help you decide when it is the safest time to tan, or if the sun will be too active to be safe. Always be sure to check the UV index for the day and before sunbathing. This can help you avoid burns and skin lesions related to ultraviolet light. Avoid going out in the sun without sunscreen during the hottest hours of the day (listed in the UV index).


    • Use suitable products for skin care


    You will need to protect your skin so that you do not burn. Use high-quality skin care products designed for your specific type of skin. Melanotan and other tanning products stimulate the production of melanin in our body. The creation of melanin acts in response to UV damage that darkens the skin to protect it from damage caused by UV rays. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for more than 15 minutes of exposure at all times. Always use moisturizer afterwards and apply sunscreen to avoid injuries after toning your skin for the day.


    • Avoid tanning injuries


    The best thing about all the tanning tips that can be offered is to avoid injuries at all costs. You only get a set of skin. While the skin can be renewed easily, if you damage the cells and create free radicals by overexposure to UV rays, you may have an increased risk of skin cancer. Take all necessary precautions to protect your skin and your health.


    • Visit your doctor regularly


    You will want to see your doctor regularly to make sure that tanning has not damaged your skin. One of the most useful (and often overlooked) tips for tanning is that you need an exam twice a year. In this way, you can find problems related to your skin from the beginning if they exist, and when they are more treatable.


    • Use the free Tan app


    If you have a smartphone, you’re in luck. With a free tanning application that offers premium features, you can get a safer tan product with more ease. The best applications provide a UV index, daily tanning tips, GPS location of the nearest restrooms, sunrise and sunset information, shadow tracking with comparison (to track the progress of your tan) and offer on products and rooms.


    Each one of us needs protection from direct UV rays. Our bodies act in response to UV rays naturally. However, some masks need a darkening agent. That’s why we need melanin skin products like Lovemelanotan. That is why you need to invest in some of the melanin stimulants.