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Vancouver Laser Hair Removal Treatments

    If you are sick of using waves, depilatory creams, razors, or whatever your preferred method is for removing unwanted hair, laser treatments are an increasingly popular option. Interestingly, when people think about having laser hair removal, they think about the most common areas like underarms, the bikini area, and their legs. Perhaps though, those are not the problem areas you are looking to remove unwanted hair from.

    Below we are going to highlight some of the less commonly talked about areas where unwanted hair can grow that can be removed with a laser. 

    Sides of the Abdomen 

    Although it’s natural for men to keep chest hair intact, you may want to groom it and maintain it so that it is present in a specific area. You can have laser hair removal performed up the sides of your abdomen to help keep it all neat and tidy. 


    It may not actually be that strange for you women reading this to have hair along your jawline. However, as you get older and the hormones become unbalanced, coarser much longer, and more obvious hair starts to appear in that area. You can invest in laser hair removal to keep this at bay without hurting or irritating your skin. 

    Even men can have the hair removed from their jawline with a laser if they don’t want to go through the rigmarole of shaving.


    While it’s true that hair can grow anywhere, when it regrows rapidly or they have short hair or like to use an updo style, they will want to get rid of the coarse hair that often establishes itself around the neck. The nape and just underneath the chin area are some of the most common areas that you may not think about when considering laser hair removal. 

    Toes and Fingers

    Okay, so even if up until now, you’ve felt that many of the places are areas where you could envision requesting laser hair removal, you’ve probably not given a second thought to the hair on your toes or fingers. What if you are getting engaged and have an engagement ring or wedding ring photographs to pose for? Or you are looking to wear sexy strappy holiday heels and sandals while on vacation? The dark and coarser hair on your toes and fingers that extend to the tops of your feet and back of your hands may not be too appealing. 

    Fortunately, it is very easy, quick, and effective to remove those hairs using lasers.


    Hairy chests are not something that many people scoff at. Especially not men. However, for women, who have dark and coarse hair often have the problem of unwanted hair in the part of their chest between their breasts. As this area is very sensitive, it is best to choose laser hair removal in Vancouver rather than shaving, waxing, or depilatory creams.


    It’s time, to be honest, as embarrassing as it is, there are many people, of both genders, who have hairy nipples. This is very natural, but just because it is natural doesn’t mean it is wanted or needs to be permanent. If you have ever attempted to shave or tweezer those pesky nipple hairs before a hot date, then a safer and more effective solution is probably what you are looking for. Laser hair removal is very comfortable and safe despite the large abundance of nerve endings in that particularly sensitive part of your body. 

    Treasure Trail or Happy Trail

    Finally, we come to abdominal hair. Again, not everyone has as big a problem with this as others and for some, they consider it to be quite stylish. Even the name Treasure Trail or Happy Trail offers saucy connotations for where the line of hair that runs down the center of your abdomen from your navel leads to. If you have a problem with yours, though, you can have laser removal to reduce its appearance and give your confidence the boost it needs to rock that sports bra or bikini.