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Varicose Vein Treatment Options For a Better Quality of Life

    Varicose veins are an uncomfortable issue that can make you accomplish less in your day. Vein problems can also make you more self-conscious, making you unable to wear the clothes you want. However, with a specialist of varicose veins in Bakersfield, you can avoid those embarrassing moments and have a turnaround in your life. A wide range of varicose vein treatments exit that will help remedy your situation.

    What is there to know about varicose veins?

    Varicose veins can affect any part of your body with a supply of veins, however, the issue is often more visible on your legs. When you are suffering with varicose veins, it means that your veins have lost their efficiency and cannot push blood to your heart fully. You will notice purple spots on your legs that highlight the issue with a lot of pressure when you try to stand up. Women between the ages of 40 and 80 report more of the issue than any other demographic. However, men too can have the problem. From the statistics, varicose veins can affect anyone, and you will need the attention of Heart Vascular and Leg Center to diagnose and treat the disease.

    What Symptoms to Look Out For to Confirm Varicose Veins

    Various issues will highlight that you may have varicose veins at the onset of the disease. Not all people present with the same symptoms, but the most common symptoms include:

    •         Muscle cramping
    •         Cord-like veins
    •         Itchy vein
    •         Skin discoloration
    •         Heavy feeling, especially in your legs
    •         Throbbing or burning sensation on your legs

    Initially, before the varicose veins onset, you could have spider veins, which are smaller and less apparent than varicose veins.  With time you will notice more distinct symptoms, such as pain and ulcers on your legs, that do not resolve on their own.

    What issues put you at significant risk of varicose veins?

    Like most diseases, anyone can have the problem; however, some life activities put you at more risk of varicose veins.  One significant issue is a lack of exercise or sitting down for long periods. However, other problems that increase your risk of varicose veins include heredity, aging, pregnancy, and prolonged standing.

    What treatment options are there for you with varicose veins?

    Heart Vascular and Leg Center offers different remedies for those with varicose veins, as customized treatment plans offer the best results. The most common treatment option you might receive include:

    •         Radiofrequency treatment
    •         Lifestyle changes
    •         VenaSeal™
    •         Compression stockings

    Your doctor will emphasize lifestyle changes to help you improve without the need for more invasive medical options. You will receive recommendations for exercising, a diet change to cut weight, and other less invasive procedures before the more invasive surgery options.

    Have a redefined quality of life with Heart Vascular and Leg Center with their verified methods for eliminating varicose veins. Start your journey to a better quality of life with a phone call or an appointment through the website.