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Venus Factor Review

    venus factor reviews

    venus factor reviews

    All of a sudden dozens of people on all sorts of weight loss forums are talking about the Venus Factor, so I simply had to find out why. Are the weight loss results so good?

    Or is this book a huge scam? I took a closer look at this 12-week weight loss solution, and I took into consideration what actual users said about it.

    If you ever try to find a woman completely happy with her figure, you will have a tough task before you. But, if you instead try to find a woman who wants to shed those extra pounds

    What Is Venus Factor

    This is a diet plan that was designed specifically for women. At its core is a strategy that helps you to control levels of Leptin, the hormone that affects metabolism.

    According to several studies, weight loss depends on Leptin levels. As long as you increase Leptin levels in your body, you’ll be losing weight. Sounds pretty simple, right?

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    Venus Factor Components

    venus factor reviews

    1. The Essential Fat-Loss Diet Guide

    In this guide, you can learn all about which foods raise your Leptin resistance (low fiber carbs, sugary snacks, eggs etc.), how to avoid them, and which food types are perfect for raising Leptin levels and its efficiency.

    Unlike many other weight-loss plans, this one isn’t designed just to help you lose weight; it is meant to help you to get healthier in the process, and to make sure you don’t regain those pounds.

    2. The 12-Week Workout Program

    This program lasts for 12 weeks, and you can use it at the gym, or at home. It is easy to follow, it burns fat, and if you follow it, you should be on your way to a perfect hourglass figure.

    These videos are always available online, and they are much better for your wallet than any personal trainer!

    3. The Virtual Nutritionist App

    John Barban, the creator of the Venus Factor, thought of everything in advance. With this program, you will not save only by skipping a personal trainer, but also by wiping out the nutritionist’s bills.

    With Venus Factor, you get this app that counts your calorie and protein intake while comparing it to ideal numbers for your height, weight, body type and age.

    4. The Venus Index Podcast

    An interesting motivational tool lets you connect to other women who are using this program. When you’re in your first week, and all seems hopeless, talking to someone who is pushing their 10th week might be immensely encouraging.

    5. The Venus Community

    Next to the podcast, you have Venus Community at your disposal as well. Here you can see their stories, find interesting recipes, and share your own experiences.

    All in all, a well-rounded plan. But, does it work?

    Venus Factor Reviews and Experiences

    venus factor reviews

    Whenever I’m trying to decide whether something is legit or not, I turn to real life users and their independent reviews.

    Nowadays, you can’t trust magazines, blogs, vlogs or official websites of products, as nearly everything might be an advertisement.

    That is why I turn to social networks when I’m looking for real experiences. Whenever we use something, we go to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to express our opinions, whether they’re good or bad, we’re honest there.

    That is mostly because we are talking to our friends and family, and we want them to know If we’re pleased or not.

    Considering the nature of Venus Factor, I expected mixed reviews at best, but what I got is much different. People love this 12-week fat-loss system.

    Every woman who wrote about it is more than happy with the results. They claim that this program is not too strict, that it is really perfect for women, and that it shows amazing results.

    Depending on how seriously you take this program, you can lose 20,30,40 or even 50 pounds within first 3 months.

    So, according to the ladies who are using this Venus Factor program, it’s great, and it gives results quickly.

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    Side Effects of Venus Factor

    Basically a Leptin diet, Venus Factor should be safe, but I had to check if there were any negative effects of it. The news are great – there are no side effects.

    I also checked user reviews, and got the same result –no one ever reported a negative effect of this program. It’s completely safe for everyone.

    The Verdict Is In

    The science backs up their claims, the users are more than happy with Venus Factor, and the price is more than ok – in short, I approve.

    Honestly, I am usually skeptical about these weight loss programs, but besides the fact they have numerous happy users, I love the fact that they offer an unconditional, 60-day full money back guarantee.

    So, you have literally nothing to lose if you choose to give Venus Factor a shot. Nothing except your excess weight.

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