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Vitamins And Your Hair: How Deficiency Can Effect Healthy Locks

    Vitamins are a vital component behind any healthy diet, which means they need to be consumed on a regular basis if you want to have vibrant and flourishing hair. There are many effects that take place unless you have absorbed the correct amount of vitamins, which includes the possibility of hair loss.  While a female hair transplant is far more accessible and seamless in today’s society, ensuring that you have all of the core vitamins you need can provide you with stronger, healthier hair overall. Here, we have broken down the most important vitamins and why they are so crucial behind a healthy head of hair.

    Vitamin C

    This has always been a crucial vitamin for the growth and development of all the tissues throughout your body. One of its primary benefits comes from the fact it produces a healthy stream of collagen, which is needed to keep the level of protein within your body at sufficient levels. A lack of vitamin C is likely to cause your hair to dry up and in some cases fall out completely.


    Vitamin E

    Vitamin E is exceptionally helpful when it comes to long and prosperous hair growth. This is done by promoting a consistent circulation within the scalp area of your head, which helps aid the transportation of oxygen and any nutrients into your hair follicles. Unless you consume a suitable amount of Vitamin E, you are likely to experience nerve and potentially muscle damage.

    Vitamin A

    You need to ensure Vitamin A is part of your regular diet in order to maximise the solidity of your hair. This is the best vitamin to keep your scalp in the healthiest position possible, which is crucial behind the growth of healthy follicles. However, it’s important to note that overuse of this particular vitamin can over stimulate hair follicles and cause hair to reach the end of their growth cycle too quickly.


    A fully functioning immune system is crucial behind healthy hair, and Magnesium is the best source to ensure that your body is fortified. The vitamin plays a big role in the blood circulation within human bodies, which allows it to support nutrient delivery into your hair follicles. Magnesium deficiency has proven to be a leading cause for premature hair loss for both males and females.


    Without the consumption of selenium on a regular basis, you will notice your hair may start to become brittle and thin. Taking this vitamin prevents this from occurring since it helps to maintain healthy hormone levels, which are vital behind strengthening your immune system. This will then in turn help to breathe a new lease of life into your hair.

    There are clearly a wide section of vitamins that all play a huge role in maintaining healthy hair that you can feel proud of. You simply need to organise your diet to ensure you are not experiencing any vitamin deficiencies at any stage.