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Walk-in Clinic in Wollongong Australia

    You may already have heard of the term walk-in clinics before. Have you ever used one, though? If you haven’t, why? Perhaps you never saw the real benefit of them, because you have your own doctor’s practice that you can visit. However, as we will show you in the following post, there are various great benefits to choosing a walk-in clinic over more traditional forms of medical practice. 

    All the Practitioners are Professionals

    One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about walk-in clinics (and that may be one of the reasons why you have been thus far put off using their services) is that they are run by less qualified individuals than more conventional medical practices. This is simply not the case. The practitioners in a walk-in clinic are just as qualified and have undergone the same level of training and have the same certifications and licenses that conventional practice professionals hold. 

    The reason they are working in a walk-in clinic has nothing to do with their qualifications, it is normally a vocational choice because they want to provide a helpful service to those who need access to a doctor when they need it rather than attending the accident and emergency department of the local hospital. 

    More Convenient 

    One of the biggest benefits of walk-in clinics like King Street Medical Doctors, Warrawong is the level of convenience they offer. In comparison to traditional family doctor practices, walk-in clinics are open outside normal business hours, such as weekends. Not only do they offer incredible flexibility as to when you can go to them but as the name suggests, they don’t require appointments. The main stipulation that most walk-in clinics have is that you must be there before the last half an hour before they close, or you won’t get seen that day. 

    What this means, of course, is, that in this world where the demands on working people are greater, people can organize their schedule to ensure their medical needs and health issues are taken care of while still staying on top of their work and social commitments. 

    Another thing that stands out about walk-in clinics and makes them incredibly convenient compared to their more conventional counterparts is the fact that the service times they offer tend to be quicker. You are often in and out quickly without waiting around too long.

    Full Range of Services Offered

    Another misconception that many people hold about walk-in clinics, along with the thought that the staff are less qualified at those styles of practices, is that they don’t offer the same range of services. The fact is that most walk-in clinics offer the same and often more services than traditional doctor’s surgeries. As well as health checks by medical professionals, walk-in clinics have the necessary authority to prescribe brand-new prescriptions and renew existing ones too. They are also able to refer patients to specific medical specialists, when necessary. 

    Filling a Gap

    All medical institutions, whether they are family GP practices or walk-in clinics have their place. The reason walk-in clinics often stand out so much is that they are filling a gap that others can’t. They are not a replacement for traditional practices, but more of an enhancement and there to ensure that everyone that needs professional medical treatment can get the service they need when they need it most. 

    They are run by professionals who understand the pressures and lifestyles of the kind of patients they see and who are contentious and non-judgemental, as any medical practitioner should be. Their goal is to provide the best level of service for the patients they see.