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Walk Your Way to Health: Five Reasons Why You Should Get Your Walking Shoes On

    Exercise, especially for newbies, can feel overwhelming at times. Not everyone wants to hit the gym to lift weights, nor can everyone head out for a run. Everyone has a certain level of fitness and ability, and that should be celebrated. It’s all about finding a sport or fitness routine that works for you! For some, this may be walking. You see, not only is it a fantastic workout but there are many other benefits that come with taking yourself out for a walk. Keep reading to discover what they are. We bet that you’ll feel like putting your walking shoes on by the time you finish!

    Reason #1: It’s Free

    Money and budgeting can be a huge source of stress for many people. This can mean cutting corners where you can, and sometimes your gym membership can take a hit. This isn’t a huge problem, however, as some workouts are completely free – including walking! It’s a great idea to invest in some good walking shoes or trainers so that your ankles and feet are well-supported. You can consider this an investment, as these shoes will last you for many years and many walks. In case you need advice on what type of shoes to purchase, then make sure you buy your shoes from a specialist shop where the workers will be able to answer any of your questions.

    Reason #2: It Burns Calories

    Walking is a fabulous way to burn calories. Burning calories is an important part of keeping fit and even more important if you’re on a weight loss journey. You can also control and monitor your pace, meaning that you can increase and decrease the intensity and, therefore, the number of calories that you burn. Of course, like with any form of exercise, walking can leave your muscles feeling tired and sore. Make sure that you keep them rested, use ice packs and heat packs where needed, and remember to stretch your muscles following a walk.

    You could also consider using CBD as part of your routine. ‘CBD oil for pain’, ‘CBD for recovery’ and ‘CBD for exercise’ are popular internet searches. Some people like to use CBD as part of their exercise or recovery routine in the form of CBD oil, CBD softgels or CBD muscle balm. Studies have suggested that CBD is able to reduce inflammation in the body, which could be helpful in recovery from a particularly long walk.

    Furthermore, CBD may also be useful in managing chronic pain and help to promote a good night’s sleep. While more peer-reviewed research is necessary, CBD has shown great promise in these areas. What’s more, CBD is an all-natural substance that won’t alter your state of mind, unlike its cousin tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is the cannabinoid that can produce a high. However, even in full-spectrum CBD products that can contain trace amounts of THC, there won’t be enough to alter your state of mind, nor are they illegal to purchase.

    If you would prefer to purchase CBD products without any trace amounts of THC, then you could opt for broad-spectrum or CBD isolate products. Broad-spectrum contains all of the naturally occurring compounds from the hemp plant, while CBD isolate is pure CBD and can be particularly popular with CBD newbies. If you would like to supplement CBD into your routine, then have a think about what type of products would best benefit you and your unique needs.

    Reason #3: It Can Be Social

    Going for a walk is a great method of socialising and catching up with your loved ones. You can explore new and exciting places, as well as getting a decent amount of vitamin D. This vitamin ensures that your bones, muscles, and teeth are kept healthy, in addition to helping maintain a healthy immune system. Seeing your loved ones can also help to boost your mood. If you find that you really love walking, then you could consider going on a walking holiday. Popular destinations include the Peak District, the Lake District, and Wales. Walking breaks not only give your holiday a focus, but they can leave you feeling incredibly accomplished and satisfied.

    Reason #4: Strengthening Your Heart

    Walking is a simple yet perfect form of exercise for helping to strengthen your heart. One study published in 2009 reported that walking for thirty minutes (or more) per day for five days reduces the risk of coronary heart disease by approximately nineteen per cent. This risk can possibly lessen the more you walk per day. If this doesn’t encourage you to get walking, then we don’t know what will!

    Reason #5: Boosts Your Immune System

    Regular walks may also be able to help boost your immune system by decreasing your risk of developing colds or the flu. This is suggested by one study that followed a total of 1,000 adults during flu season. Those who walked between 30 to 45 minutes a day at a moderate pace had 43 per cent fewer sick days compared to those who didn’t. They also had fewer upper respiratory tract infections. If they did become unwell, the walkers experienced lesser symptoms in comparison to the other adults.

    Final Thoughts

    So, there we have it – five top reasons why you should get walking! It’s important to remember that you don’t need to go outside to get these walks in. For example, you could use a treadmill if you have a gym membership, or if there’s adverse weather, then you would complete an indoor walking workout (there’s plenty on YouTube for free!). Consider taking things at your own pace and build up as you get stronger and your fitness levels improve.

    So, what are you waiting for? Get together with your friends or loved ones and get moving! Your body and mind will definitely appreciate your new healthy hobby.

    Happy Walking!