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Ways to make your coffee super healthy

    Coffee is a famous source of anti-oxidants as well as in experts’ perception it is a healthier beverage. Following are the ways to make your coffee super healthier:

    Drink water before

      Drinking water before coffee keep body hydrated because caffeine is involved in fluid loss. So, if coffee lovers add this habit to their routine they can make their coffee super healthier.

    Take black coffee

     Pure black coffee is recommended since it is lower in calories. No doubt it’s bitter in taste but soon your taste buds will adopt it.

    Don’t down coffee in empty stomach

     Sipping coffee in empty stomach can make your coffee harmful. It can result in stomach problems such as inflammation and damage to linings. For a healthier coffee you need to have your breakfast first.  

    Furthermore, coffee suppress the appetite and desist you from breakfast often.  You can’t stay on just caffeine as your body need a lot other nutrients to be sustainable. So having breakfast first is the best way to make your coffee super beneficial.

    Use single origin and organic beans

     Make your coffee with beans free of chemicals such as pesticides. And prefer beans of single origin to confirm a standardized quality. Use a certified coffee maker only. This is important for a healthier morning brew.

    Add Cinnamon

     Try flavoring your coffee with cinnamon. It is awesome to taste and have a number of health benefits. It is good for followings reasons:
    – Prevent inflammation in body
    – Sustain heart health
    – Lowers cholesterol
    – Balances blood glucose
    – Reduce triglycerides (Marci Clow)
    But too much addition of cinnamon can be harmful.

    Include organic milk or creamer

      Avoid artificial creamers of variant ingredient mixers. Professionals suggest use of dairy-creamers/milk. They are rich of natural nutrients e.g. vitamins and minerals. Or make your coffee with coconut and almond creamers. They are beneficial for calorie conscious people.

    Avoid sugar, use natural sweeteners

     Sugar in your coffee dominates other advantages. Don’t load your cup with spoons of sugar. For a sweet brew you can include natural sweeteners such as stevia, local honey, molasses, coconut sugar and Maple syrup etc.

    And if concerned to enhance flavor of your morning beverage, healthier is to use vanilla extract or cocoa powder.     

    Take coffee slow and with food

      Eating some food (like snacks) during coffee intake slows down the effect of caffeine on blood sugar.

    Moreover, it makes you feel full of energy and saturated for whole of the day (Fitzgerald).

    Taking coffee in hurry can cause anxiety and restlessness due to caffeine in some individuals. So, to make your coffee healthier take it slow sip by sip.

    Best to take in morning

     Recommended time to have a cup of coffee is morning. As Caffeine is a stimulant and boost up your body and by rising metabolic rate energizes you. In this way, it can interfere with sleep by awaking your brain.

    And disturbance of sleep directly affects human health. Therefore, best suggestion is to stop taking coffee after noon to enjoy good health.

    Don’t drink too much coffee

      Taking anything more than a limit is injurious to health. Approved amount of coffee is 1.1mg per 0.45kg body weight.

    Some people can tolerate more quantity of caffeine while others being sensitive cannot. So, be conscious about the cups of coffee a day.

    Permeate through paper filter

      Normal coffee possesses cafestol (a diterpenoid molecule) which can elevate the blood cholesterol. To remove its toxic level just take a paper filter and pass your coffee through it.

    However, Cafestol is beneficial being an anti- diabetic agent.