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Weed Smoker’s Bong: Beginner Guide of Buying The Perfect One!

    Looking to take your free time marijuana leisure to a full-blown hobby status? How about buying a bong!

    Bongs are always considered as one of the healthiest ways to smoke weed ( vapours are considered as healthy). Moreover, the beautiful and iconic nature of this weed apparatus is another reason for bongs being in demand.  So , whether you want to have a smoother smoking experience, or is attracted to this cute apparatus, picking the right bong needs more.

    After all, wrong apparatus can hamper the taste, feel and the smell of your weed. Further, buying a bong is a costly decision that you must think off ,so that it can be of worth in the end!

    Here are some pertinent nuggets of tips to help you choose the right one that perfectly goes with your smoking styles. But before, ask yourself these questions:

    • Are you going to take your bong on vacations?
    • Is the bong you will be buying going to be your new daily smoker?
    • Is your friends clumsy who might break it?
    • Is this new bong would be something you need to hide under your bed?
    • Can you spend hours in cleaning their equipment or you don’t want in this messy cleaning process?

    Have a look at the tips you should consider before shopping for a bong:

    Bong’s Styles:

    Glass Bongs:

    They are one of the most popular and in-demand bongs in the market and are perfect for sheer smoke smoothness.  Not only they work perfectly with every weed, they look amazing when placed at the corner. Glass bongs also come in various shapes and designs, making it easy for you to pick your style. So, if you want a bong that not only looks stylish but also gives you great flavors, glass bongs are for you!

    Acrylic Bongs:

    These are made of plastic, making it ideal for people who want an affordable as well as a superior quality bong.  If you are regular cannabis user, this one is for you! Acrylic bongs are more durable than other handblown glass bongs.  The clean water pipes and the durability of these bongs make it ideal for sharing it with friends.

    Percolator Bongs:

    If you are a good herbal smoker, these percolator bongs are for you! Their sheer unadulterated bliss and vapourization filter make these bongs one of the most popular in the market. Their classy design ensures that you will get maximum hit time. Some of the best types of percolator bongs are:


    • Dome Percolator:  These bongs feature a dome that direct smoke into a separate water column offering you the host of ways to filter herbs to perfect level.


      1. Tree Percolator: Tree percolators have 1-8 individual arms to let your smoke enter the water for the filtration process. Once the smoke enters the water, it is then put into the filtration process where plants are diffused and collected to give you perfect smoke to be inhaled by you.


    • Ring Percolators: Ring Percolators also known as halo percolator, is a version of tree percolator with a tweak that the bent system in this bong is joined with a U-bend. These types of Bongs are ideal for smooth hits.


    Size Of The Bongs:

    Once you are done picking the right bong to match your style, the second most important thing is its size. After all, it would be beside the point to have a 6-inch bong if you later need to slide it under the cabinet.  So, think of your ‘perfect’ size for a bong.

    Also, large bongs will give solid hits and have larger lung capacity. But, larger the chamber, tube and downstream, the more difficult it would be difficult to clean it of smoke. Also, the large ones are not handy and you cannot take them on your vacations.

    Water Pipes:

    If you are a regular cannabis user and simply want to upgrade your old bong, go for upgrading water pipes! The pipes feature a percolation chamber which generates bubbles and converts the smoke to smooth water vapours giving you perfect hit.


    Bongs are made from various materials, but the most popular and common one is a glass bongs. They look great and are easy to clean as compared to others.  However, they are fragile and are not ideal for a regular smoker. Other thicker bongs are more durable and can fit your needs.

    Cleanness And Maintenance:

    While bongs are designed to give the utmost pleasure, they contain small elements and components that are hard to clean. Further, bongs filter out ash and smoke particles that get coagulated in them, the reason they require regular cleaning. So, if this is your first bong, take some time and select the simpler one.

    So, those were some trick and tips to help you save money and select the right bong, get your and enjoy smoking!