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Weekly Kickstart: 7-Day Meal Prep for Weight Loss

    There are a number of ways you can try to lose weight; however, most of them will leave you feeling unsatisfied or even hungry. Needless to mention, hunger is that one thing that makes you give up on your weight loss plan.

    So, here we have a 7-day weight loss’ meal prep plan for you, which will not just reduce your appetite to a significant degree but will improve your metabolic rate as well. Hence, you can quickly shed those extra pounds without feeling hungry or uncomfortable. Check out arbonne vs thrive to lose weight.

    Meal Prep for Weight Loss

    Meal prep is when you prepare your weekly meals ahead of time. It not just saves your time but money as well that you spend on snacks. Apart from that, it is truly healthy and keeps you motivated for the rest of the week. So, let’s prepare your weekly meals that are super healthy and delicious.

    • DAY 1

    Breakfast: A baked egg muffin with a side of some seasonal fruit (an apple preferably)

    Lunch: Panini with shredded chicken, avocado, basil and tomato

    Midday Snack: A glass of fresh orange juice (with no added sugar)

    Dinner: Lemony salmon with spiced chickpeas & a small cup of low-fat flavored Greek yogurt

    • DAY 2

    Breakfast: A soft egg and asparagus with a bran toast and a glass of milk

    Lunch: A bowl of tuna salad

    Midday Snack: Some celery sticks with hummus

    Dinner: Grilled chicken with eggplant salad and a scoop of sugar-free ice-cream

    • DAY 3

    Breakfast: Granola with low-fat yogurt

    Lunch: A shrimp summer roll with cucumber slices and creamy peanut sauce

    Midday Snack: A handful of roasted nuts

    Dinner: Soba noodles with spicy pork and two-three pieces of roasted peach

    • DAY 4

    Breakfast: A poached egg with some oats and half a glass of fresh smoothie

    Lunch: A goat cheese frittata with a handful of strawberries (or any other seasonal fruit that you may like)

    Midday Snack: A mini cup of chia pudding

    Dinner: Cumin chicken with mixed beans’ salad

    • DAY 5

    Breakfast: Fresh fruit bagel sandwich (take any seasonal fruit you like)

    Lunch: A black been taco with carrot sticks

    Midday Snack: A cup of your favorite coffee (Look for different kinds of coffee and get the one you like)

    Dinner: Rib eye steak with mushroom gravy and a mini scoop of low-fat ice-cream

    • DAY 6

    Breakfast: A bowl of Greek yogurt with mixed berries

    Lunch: A bowl of grilled vegetables with lentils and quinoa

    Midday Snack: A cube of cheese

    Dinner: Crockpot salsa chicken with a handful of roasted pieces of peach  

    • DAY 7

    Breakfast: A low-carb fajita burrito

    Lunch: Tarragon chicken with sautéed vegetables

    Midday Snack: A handful of kale chips

    Dinner: Sweet potato, tofu and cashew curry and a mini cup of low-fat flavored yogurt

    As a bonus tip, I would recommend you cut back on starches and sugar. Cutting back on sugar and carbohydrates would eventually lower down your appetite, and you’ll end up consuming fewer calories. Just make sure to drink lots and lots of water and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

    Following the weekly weight loss meal plan mentioned above, you can shed more than 10 pounds easily, which includes both, water weight as well as body fat.

    Other than that, try and include some exercise to your routine. Diet and exercise go hand in hand when it comes to losing weight healthily. So, start your day with a half-hour morning walk and end it with a few stretches before going to bed. Also, take care of your sleep cycle. I hope it helps. Good Luck!