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Weight loss surgery abroad – how much does it cost?

    Why do so many people in need of bariatric surgery choose to have their weight loss surgery abroad? Some of the main reasons are: 

    • Smaller, much more hospitable private clinics
    • Short waiting lines (3-4 months instead of 2-3 years)
    • Expert surgeons
    • And last but not the least – more affordable prices.

    What is usually included in the price?

    Now, the prices for any bariatric surgery include more than just the operations themselves. In our Riga clinic, we offer pre-surgery analysis and counselling, transportation from the airport (or international bus station) to the hotel, transportation from the hotel to the hospital, surgery, stay at the clinic and hotel post-surgery and 5 years of counselling after that. 

    This is the norm and if any clinic is offering less, you should reconsider.

    Brief prices comparison – which is the most affordable country?

    Let us start by briefly mentioning private clinics in the UK, which also offer good quality bariatric surgeries. However, the price range is around 1500 pounds, so…. 

    Switzerland, France, and Germany – we are speaking only of European countries here – come up to the same price range, especially with travel included. These are expensive countries, which is just how they are. 

    However, in Latvia, weight loss surgery prices drop a lot, not only because it is a cheaper country overall (to those of us living in more “expensive” places, which the UK is) but also because medical tourism has made it so, offering a lot of health-related commodities subsidised or even free! 

    Choose wisely

    When we google bariatric surgery and weight loss, Latvia is the main keyword popping up, and so is our hospital in Riga – the Weight Loss Riga, we are called. 

    Weight loss surgery abroad could be so much hassle, but with us, it is safe, simple, straightforward and a good two thirds cheaper than in the UK. 

    Contact us and let us take care of you!