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Weight Loss Tools – BMI

    When it comes to losing weight, one popular subject that you might hear about is your Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is an immensely powerful solution that gives you all the help that you need to make a big difference to your weight loss aims. While it isn’t infallible and you need to understand its limitations, calculating your BMI accurately is among the most powerful tools you can have at your disposal. To lose weight check out maximum vibrance for weight loss.

    Your BMI is a mathematical formula that takes your height and weight, and is used to measure your ‘fatness’. That might sound crass, but it looks to help make sure that you are aware if you are underweight, overweight or obese. Typically, anything ranging from 18.5-25 is considered a healthy BMI for your height.

    It might not be the be all and end all of your weight loss analysis, but it should still play a pretty important role. Also, remember that a BMI that is under the 18.5 is just as bad for you as being over the 25 mark: being underweight and overweight is equally a problem.

    Therefore, it pays to use a free BMI calculator among your weight loss tools for a better, clearer picture of what to expect.

    BMI and using it correctly

    First off, you need to be aware that BMI does not take into account your age, your gender or your muscle mass. Someone with a high muscle mass might be ‘overweight’ according to a BMI calculator. It’s important that heavily musclebound people remember this, as it can make you feel unhappy about your bod when there is no reason to be.

    However, as a weight loss tool you can use it to help notice progress. it’s important that you learn to appreciate, though, that your BMI is a tool to be used as a reference, not as your ultimate analytical tool. As time goes on, you will want to learn more about things like body fat content and waist circumference.

    Like most weight loss aids, though, many people are quick to either deify or decry your BMI. It can be used to help you gain a better handle on what direction you need to go in. You should look to use a free BMI calculator to work out where you are at present, and then use other tools like fat content analysis and waist circumference: this adds much-needed context to your BMI results.

    As a tool, though, you will find that BMI makes it very easy for you to get things done. You will not only be able to learn more about your body in relation to your height, but you can use it as a fine starting guide to take you that extra step further to the right fitness and form you want.

    By simply remembering that your BMI is not the eternal guide to weight loss, you can make huge gains. Use a BMI calculator, and you can soon work out what direction you must head in if you want to get into the best shape that you can.