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What are the Advantages of Dental Implants in Moore, Oklahoma?

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    Dental implants are becoming popular today as more people find them affordable and effective options when replacing a lost tooth. In countries like the USA, dentists place about 5 million implants annually, where the patients enjoy various benefits afterwards.

    Other tooth replacement options can’t rival the advantages that are brought by dental implants. The benefits always outweigh the minimal discomfort and side effects, so it’s no surprise that many people need these treatments to get back their confidence. Most of the dental implants in Moore OK are done by the best dentists for optimum results. Know that they are a permanent solution for you, and it’s best if they are done right the first time.

    Benefits to Know About

    1. A More Versatile Option

    Complete dentures, partial ones, and bridges provide limited options for a tooth replacement. Some patients may get limited choices depending on the number of teeth that are already gone. In implants, it’s a different story as this is a more versatile treatment. Dentists use this as a bridge to partial dentures; it serves as a replacement for a single tooth and enables the orthodontist to give you the best treatment that suits your needs.

    2. Comfortable in the Mouth

    The implants are attached to the jawbone directly and will act like a tooth’s root. This results in increased support and strength of this prosthetic. When you’re in the healing process, the jawbone slowly starts to produce cells around the titanium rod, and the result is a firmly-rooted new tooth that will make your food chewable again. They feel comfortable just like natural teeth, and you may even forget that they exist in the first place.

    You’ll feel secure with them, and they are locked firmly into the jawbone. There’s no looseness and discomfort that dentures usually provide, and you won’t have to deal with the messy adhesives. The support and the security that the implants provide are just some of the reasons why so many people choose them. Learn more about implants in this article.

    3. They Make It Easy to Speak

    The teeth play many roles in sounds and speech. Missing a few will give you a surprising difference. This is similar to the loose dentures that will slide when you’re in the middle of speaking. Sometimes, you may find yourself lisping or slurring your words. Others may find this distracting and embarrassing, and they will constantly worry about the sound of their voices.

    On the other hand, implants can fix these kinds of problems. If you have a simple gap, they will give the tongue a surface to help form words. A dentist in Moore, Oklahoma, can help you improve your speech and help you become more confident while talking to others.

    4. Allow you to Chew on your Favorites

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    As many people get older, they may begin to miss a few of their molars in the process, affecting their ability to chew on specific foods. The implants are filling these gaps, and they make the foods easier to eat once again. More about the functions of molars in this link here:

    Another thing is that since this prosthetic is rooted into the jawbone, they don’t necessarily carry the same restrictions in food as the traditional bridges and dentures do. If you like crunchy apples and corn cobs, then that’s no problem at all, and they can stay on the menu. You will never run the risk of your prosthetics slipping whenever you’re eating, and you won’t be embarrassed in public with them.

    5. More Natural-Looking Prosthetic

    Nowadays, technology and modern materials can copy the look of natural teeth. The implants that the best dentists use in Moore, Oklahoma, have the same look as the rest of your teeth to ensure that your smile looks more uniform. The prosthetic tooth will blend in really well, and they are perfect for people who want to fill some gaps in their mouth.

    Even the dentures today are sent to a laboratory after impressions are taken. They have acrylic gums that are the same color as the natural ones. Whenever you put in implants, dentures, bridges, or crowns, you can be rest assured that they will look natural and will not be too obvious.