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What Are the Dimensions of Wellness? A Guide to Self-Actualization

    When you think of wellness, do you think of exercise, nutrition, and weight management? If so, there is much more to wellness.

    A survey found that 40 percent of Americans that want to be healthier aren’t sure where to turn for health and wellness approaches.

    Are you looking to achieve self-actualization to improve your lifestyle? If so, it’s important that you understand the dimensions of wellness.

    Keep reading here to learn about health and wellness to help you understand the big picture.

    What Is Wellness?

    Wellness is pursuing growth and balancing all the dimensions in your life. It is much more than just your physical health. Wellness is the full integration of spiritual, mental, and physical well-being.

    There are several dimensions in life, and each contributes to our quality of life. Each dimension must balance each other or they can negatively affect one another and cause adverse effects on your health. Finding wellness solutions can help you achieve balance for a healthy and happy life.

    What Are the Dimensions of Wellness?

    Wellness helps a person succeed, thrive, enjoy life, and meet challenges. To get overall wellness, you must be healthy in all these areas of wellness. 

    1. Physical

    Physical is still an important part of wellness. You must have proper nutrition and adequate physical activity to be healthy. 

    1. Social

    To be well socially, you need healthy relationships with respect and trust. You must also have an awareness of others’ feelings. Someone with social wellness has a network of friends and co-workers for support.

    1. Emotional

    To achieve emotional wellness, you need to be able to express your feelings and manage properly with others. This includes anger, fear, doubt, and joy, along with others. You’ll know when you need support for your mental health, and you’ll have a positive body image.

    1. Spiritual

    This involves finding the purpose of your life. You can achieve this wellness by a prayer, meditating, or spending time in nature. You should understand how identity and spirituality are related, and be firm in your spiritual beliefs while understanding others may view things differently. 

    1. Intellectual

    Intellectual wellness involves lifelong learning. It’s important to continue critical thinking and engage in activities like philosophy, reasoning, and arts to keep learning.

    1. Environmental

    You need to understand the role you play in the environment. You should also appreciate all the environment provides for you. It’s also important to practice ways to conserve the environment and help where you can with things like conservation and recycling. 

    1. Occupational

    It’s important to find a career that fulfills you. Finding satisfaction in work will help you realize this wellness, and you should always reach for the next level of success.

    1. Cultural

    This dimension means you are aware of your cultural background and accept it along with other cultural backgrounds. You should be understanding and respect diversity, including ethnic backgrounds, race, religion, sexual orientation, disabilities, and gender.

    Take Your Wellness to the Next Level

    Now that you understand the various dimensions of wellness, it’s important to find ways to improve all aspects of your life. Finding a balance with all these areas will help you live a satisfying life and be happy.

    Want to keep learning about health and improving your lifestyle? Keep reading this site for various articles on making healthy choices to help you reach your goals.