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What Are The Effects Of Air Pollution On Your Lungs?

    Harmful gases and particles that float around in the air, come with a wide range of sources including exhaust fumes from vehicles, smokes from tobacco, coal, or gas, and lead to lung disease.

    A developed country is a boon to us but the things they come with become a bane for us. Similarly, air pollution is something that is harmful to everyone, it effects humans, animals, and nature. 

    There are ways that can limit the effects of air pollution on health, we can do that by dodging the areas that have heavy traffic and by air quality testing. Significant change depends on improvements to air quality on a global scale.

    In this article I will be talking about what is air pollution, does it effect the lungs, and effects of it.  Read the article from the beginning to the end to know about lung disease.

    What Is Air Pollution

    Air Pollution is full of particles that are both natural and artificial. The mixture of possible pollutants means that air pollution can damage people’s lungs in both outdoor and indoor environments.

    1. Outdoor Air Pollution: 
    • Damaging gases like nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide.  
    • Ground-level ozone.
    • Burning coals and gas particles. 
    • Tobacco smoke.

         2. Indoor Air Pollution: 

    • Materials like lead and asbestos.
    • Mold.
    • Pollen.
    • Chemicals used inside the house. 
    • Carbon monoxide and radon. 

    In a recent survey by WHO (World Health Organisation), they listed pollutants that pose a maximum risk in a person’s health and show lung disease. Lung disease can be caused by cold as well, so look for pneumonia symptoms

    • Particulate matter, that comes from liquid droplets and solids. 
    • Sulfur dioxide.
    • Ozone.
    • Nitrogen dioxide. 

    Does Air Pollution Lead To Lung Disease?

    Yes, it does. Research shows that if you are in a long term exposure to air pollution then it can cause some lung conditions. There is plenty of evidence that points towards lung cancer and the reason is outdoor air pollution. 

    It is not surprising to say that long-term exposure to air pollution is somehow connected with the development of Asthma. It is hard to say that UK outdoor air pollution plays a role in COPD. Air pollution in the UK is less risky than smoking. 

    Research also states that if a child is exposed to air pollution, it can badly effect the way their lungs develop. The fact is children growing up in polluted areas have been hit by asthma. 

    Air pollution kills 36,000 people in the UK alone, every year. Coronavirus vaccine is a must as it can make the situation even worse and will kill you in the painful process. 

    Effects Of Air Pollution On Your Lungs: 

    A survey done by the International Agency For Research on Cancer, states that outdoor air pollution is a carcinogen, meaning air pollution can cause cancer. 

    Polluted particles have different particles as well as chemicals that have separate effects on health. 

    Let’s see what specific pollutants and their effects cause lung disease. 

    1. Particle pollutants: 

    Particle pollutants are a mixture of different particles that exist in the air. Due to their small size, they can easily enter your body and raise the risk of heart and lung disease. They also can worsen the symptoms of asthma in people. 

    2. Ground-level Ozone: 

    The pollutants tend to react with the sunlight and immediately create ground-level ozone. Smogs are those that consist largely of ozone, and it triggers the lung disease: asthma and takes the symptoms to a different level. 

    3. Carbon Monoxide: 

    There was an article in 2016, that mentioned a fact about carbon monoxide, that if it is lower than 20%, the gas is not harmful to any person’s health. However, if the percentage reaches 40 or more than that, it can become fatal. 


    • Chest pain.
    • Weakness.
    • Dizziness. 
    • Headache 
    • Confusion.
    • Puking. 

    If you think that you have been suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, seek a doctor’s consultant and move to the countryside. 

    4. Sulphur Dioxide:

    It is a byproduct of burning fossil and fuels like oil and coal. It is very good at causing eye irritation and makes a person go into a vulnerable mode by having respiratory tract infections along with the cardiovascular disease. 

    5. Nitrogen Dioxide: 

    This gas is found in vehicle exhaust emissions. Kerosene and gas heaters, as well as stoves, also release large amounts of this particular gas. 

    If you are spending a lot of time around nitrogen dioxide, then get ready to have respiratory infections along the way. If this gas is inhaled it will lead you to cough and wheeze. It is capable of giving you painful headaches, fever, throat irritation, and chest pain.


    Here you go with What Are The Effects Of Air Pollution On Your Lungs?. A [erson can prevent himself from lung disease by checking the air quality in their local areas and getting aware of any health conditions. 

    Leave a comment at the comment box down below, and let us know how much this article has helped you to get aware of your and your child’s health.


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