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What are the main criteria for choosing the size of a stainless steel work table?

    When thinking about what kind of equipment is better to buy for commercial kitchens and food establishments, it is vital to evaluate not only the attractiveness and style of items, but also the parameters that will directly affect the comfort, speed, and quality of food prep processes. Main characteristics to look for when it comes to selecting an ideal stainless steel work table:

    • durability and the ability to withstand adverse impacts typical for restaurants;
    • compliance with hygiene and health requirements;
    •  the suitable dimensions including length, breadth, and height.

    Of course, the requirements for the table surface will be different, depending on the scenarios of usage. But still, when choosing metal work tables, it is important to pay attention to its strength, durability, ease of maintenance.

    Ergonomic solutions with a stainless steel commercial work table

    Poor workplace in busy kitchens leads to reducing the speed of meal prep and inefficiency of staff, failing to make the best use of valuable time. Business owners, purchasing any type of furniture, should focus on the rules of ergonomics for ensuring maximum efficiency. For the catering establishments, the size of a work table plays a leading role. Chefs and personnel should avoid facing obstacles when reaching the high shelves or trying to get the needed item from the deep lower drawers. For such a situation, there is a sound solution like a stainless steel work table with shelves for adding extra storage and ensuring fast access to products, equipment, and tools to serve meals of the highest quality for clients without delays.

    Commercial kitchens need an individual approach to the planning of working zones because the area must have space for necessary appliances and for food prep tops. Thus, dealing with space optimization, compile a list of devices that kitchen staff cannot do without, then consider the following advice on how to pick the right stainless steel work desk and key criteria for choosing the size:

    Designate specific locations ideal for separate meal prep tasks: for working tops to fit the layout of a commercial kitchen and facilitate your staff’s routine, you have to know the location of a future prep station; thus, you will generate positive benefits to safety and productivity, maximize task implementation pace and performance of each employee.

    Develop a layout plan and evaluate available floor space: a wide selection range of metal tables allows finding a solid option both for spacious and compact kitchens with limited space. But to deal with the goal of finding the right table dimensions, you must find out all measurements that can impact your choice.

    Obtain mobility with the table model with casters: for quick and simple cleaning processes, a mobile table with caster for easy moving around and rearranging the kitchen quickly is an ideal assistant for maintaining cleanliness and a secure environment. Additional flexibility and control of the table’s height are possible to get through a stainless steel product with adjustable feet.

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