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What Are the Most Common Types of Newborn Rashes That Exist Today?

    Newborn babies are supposed to bathe every 3 days to help keep them clean and fresh.

    Waiting too long between washes and hygiene care can, unfortunately, lead to rashes though.

    If you have noticed spots on your child’s skin, do your best to determine what they have so that it can be properly treated. 

    Continue reading to discover the most common types of newborn rashes that you may come across! 


    One of the most recognizable newborn rashes that people come across is jaundice. 

    Jaundice will make your child’s skin look yellowish around the eyes and other areas on the skin. The cause of jaundice is having an excess of bilirubin, which helps break down red blood cells. When bilirubin levels become too high, they can pose a health hazard. 

    If you notice that your child has jaundice, talk to your doctor about the next steps to take. Since this is such a common issue, there are many routes of treatment to try. 

    Pink Pimples

    Pink pimples, also known as neonatal acne are common amongst newborns and easy to get rid of.

    Although the pimples may look like a little red rash, they shouldn’t be uncomfortable for your child. Over several weeks or months, the pimples should disappear and your child’s skin will clear up.

    There aren’t many things that you can do to get rid of these pimples. Avoid popping them at all costs, as this could lead to a serious infection. 


    If you notice a bright red birthmark on your child’s skin after they were born, they might have hemangioma. 

    The first step to take is learning how to order Hemangeol for treatment. This skin condition can occur anywhere on the body, whether it is on the face, chest, or back. The bumps will look rubbery and red, making them easy to spot on your newborn. 

    Although these bumps can appear alarming, they are generally thought of like a birthmark. The bumps are made of excess blood vessels in the skin. 


    Milia is another type of newborn rash that should go away on its own. 

    Milia are little white bumps, often found on the nose and face. They are caused by having blocked oil glands that flare-up. These oil glands become enlarged and could be on your baby for several weeks up to a couple of months.

    Although these white bumps can be obvious when looking at them, they don’t itch or irritate the skin. Avoid scratching them so that you don’t open them up and cause an infection. 

    Avoid These Newborn Rashes 

    Knowing all of the types of newborn rashes is important if you are about to have a baby.

    By noticing the signs of these skin conditions, you can help get the necessary treatment and get on the path to recovery. Some of these conditions will go away on their own while others require therapeutic intervention. 

    Don’t be afraid to contact the doctor if you notice a rash that isn’t going away on its own. 

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