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What are the Running Must-haves

    When you’re new to running, everything could look fuzzy. Not knowing which is which could lead to confusion – purchasing items you don’t need and going to the track not looking the part.

    In this article, we would be looking at a couple of running must haves that every athlete should have according to this website

    1. Hydration Gear

    Water is vital not only to keep the body fresh but also to maintain the energy levels and keep the body functioning all day.

    No matter the distance that you’re running, as the summer approaches, the weather will heat up and if you decide to go on a run during this period, you need to have a couple of hydration products available at your disposal.

    These include hydration vests. Some people carry bests that allows them to carry bottles for a lighter load on a shorter run.

    These vests can also be used for those who are interested in trail running because you can carry along more water than the handhelds with these vests. If the vests are not your thing, you can go for hydration belts which will give you that comfortable fit that won’t bounce around unlike the vests.

    Depending on the distance of the run, you can take bottles along with you and carry more than you need. You can also mix the bottles by adding in some electrolyte drink along in your hydration belts.

    2. Visibility gear

    It’s becoming common to have a runner being hit by a car during their workout today. If you’re running at dawn or dusk or in the darker hours, you can move around with a reflective gear and lights to protect yourself and other members of the public on the road.

    A couple of items you can use are reflective bands and clothes that can alert others that you’re coming and serve as a reminder to sleepy drivers to give you extra space to avoid a collision.

    3. Foam Roller

    This is a product that will help dull the aches and pains your body feels after a run. It’s like having your own personal masseuse that can help your muscles when they feel sore and achy – which will happen more often than not.

    Rolling on them will help flush out the lactic acid and give you a massage that hurts so good and it’s also great for loosening up tissues such as the IT band which can be really tight and painful on the outside of the knee.

    4. Anti Chafing

    Chafing are the rashes under your arms, legs or around the band of your bra that results from the seams and high friction ones in your clothes colliding and causing irritation to the skin which can make it uncomfortable to walk or run.

    The first thing to note is to avoid cotton when running as it often absorbs sweat and makes the fabric heavier and more likely to chafing or blistering. You can also get a pack of BodyGlide to help reduce the friction and make your running experience more enjoyable.

    5. Sports Laundry Wash

    This is where you need a good moisture wicking clothing which is a bit more expensive and this is where you need to take good care of them to increase their effectiveness and longevity.

    While it might be cool to have a $50 top on a hot summer afternoon but using cheap detergents to wash that top could reduce its longevity and affect your performance. Soaps with dyes or perfumes can clog up pores in your clothes which will over time affect functionality.

    6. Running Jacket

    The weather can change anytime and it definitely won’t consult with you before it changes. Having a running jacket when it’s windy or rainy can go a long way in ensuring your plans don’t get hampered because of the weather.

    You should go for a wind and waterproof jacket – but if you can’t afford the waterproof jacket, you should at least get a water-resistant jacket that can protect you from all the elements. Also, go for a jacket made out of breathable materials that ensure there is ventilation.