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What can Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber be Used For 

    Decompression sickness to pressure wounds has been successfully treated with HBOT for decades. Even concussions may be alleviated using HBOT, which is increasingly being used by professional sports.

    Clinical settings, wellness centres, and private residences may all benefit from the moderate hyperbaric oxygen treatment (mHBOT) provided by home hyperbaric oxygen chambers (also known as “mild chambers”). On your own time, you may reap the advantages of this treatment without having to leave the comfort of your home.

    Hyperbaric oxygen treatment has been shown to be beneficial in a wide range of FDA-approved and off-label medical disorders, according to new studies. For many patients, this opens up a whole new avenue of therapy. On the other hand, it opens the door to huge profits at the cost of the patient population. Patients may buy a soft-sided hyperbaric chamber to use at home. Sadly, not all chambers are created equal. Compared to hard-sided chambers, soft-sided chambers may actually make matters worse.

    Appropriate hyperbaric chamber selection 

    One or more patients may be positioned in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to experience an environment with a pressure greater than that of the surrounding atmosphere. A greater quantity of oxygen may be beneficial in a variety of ways.

    What are the uses of a hyperbaric chamber?

    Hyperbaric chambers can provide oxygen in the blood and tissue, even in places that are weakly vascularized.  It may be used to restore oxygen to tissues that have been injured or to cut down on the growth of germs that thrive exclusively in low-oxygen environments.

    You can also buy a hyperbaric chamber for sale to treat a variety of medical conditions, including decompression sickness, burns and carbon monoxide poisoning.

    Decompression illness and gas embolism treatment:

    If divers return to the surface too rapidly following a deep or lengthy dive, they may suffer from decompression sickness. People who’ve worked in pressurised air tanks, pilots at high altitudes, or astronauts who have just returned from a spacewalk may also be susceptible to this condition. In these circumstances, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an excellent treatment option.

    Treatment after radiotherapy:

    Late radiation-induced tissue damage may develop after radiotherapy for cancer. Necrosis may be prevented by increasing the oxygen supply to injured tissue with a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

    In order to treat CO poisoning:

    Late neurological sequelae may occur after severe carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, particularly if there was a loss of consciousness. Memory loss, personality changes, and mood swings are all possibilities as a result of this. It suggests that treatment in a hyperbaric chamber reduces the likelihood of long-term complications.

    Injuries to the skin, including burns:

    Wounds and burns may take a long time to heal or get infected with gangrene. For serious burns, hyperbaric chambers are often used. Hyperbaric chambers may be used to treat patients with bedsores, gangrene, and Buerger’s disease, as well as diabetics with wounds.

    Who could be considered for the HBOT?

    To find out whether HBOT is right for you, your doctor will look at your medical history and do a physical exam.

    Hyperbaric chambers for sale may be used by professionals or homes to cure non-healing diabetic ulcers, recurrent bone infections, non-healing skin grafts, and radiation-induced injuries. Only a doctor with specialised training and certification can assess whether or not a patient is eligible for therapy.

    HBOT can be used for clinics and homes as well. The appropriate type may differ depending on the type of use. So consider your purpose before selecting one.