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What Cardio Machine Helps You Lose the Most Weight at Home?

    If you want to lose weight, you might want to find some home gym machines that can help you. Working out at home makes it easy to squeeze a decent workout into your busy schedule whenever it is convenient for you and saves money on costly gym memberships. But what machines are the best?


    1. Stationary Bikes (500-1000 calories per hour)

    You never forget how to ride a bike, which is why stationary bikes are so popular. It’s also a little bit easier than running. They’re comfortable, adjustable, and easy to use. They’re also well-designed so it feels just like riding a bike. Most models have inbuilt programs, and you can alter the resistance, and give yourself a more intensive workout.


    There are two types of stationary bike – upright, and recumbent


    2. Treadmill (500-1200 calories per hour)

    Treadmills are one of the most popular, and well-known pieces of gym equipment. And for good reason, it’s versatile, and almost anyone can use them. Many people with weight loss goals will use a treadmill as part of their routine.


    You can use a treadmill for running, or for walking. Both activities are great for losing weight and getting healthy. For the best results, you need to learn how to use it properly.


    Try not to hold onto the handles. You won’t be using your body weight properly if you do. It also means that you’ll be burning fewer calories, and losing less weight.


    Treadmills have a whole range of inbuilt features. You can change the angle of the running area, so it’s more like walking or running uphill. Uphill running burns more calories. They also have pre-set programs, specifically designed to burn calories even after you’ve finished your workout, as they boost your metabolism.

    3. Stair Climbers (800-1400 calories per hour)

    Stair climbing is great for cardio exercise. You’re lifting your body, and fighting gravity. A stair climber machine makes you imitate the same movements that you use climbing real stairs.


    It also has inbuilt programs, with pre-set controls, and options for changing the speed and resistance. It’s really versatile and allows you to increase the intensity as your fitness improves.


    4. Rowing Machines (700-1100 calories per hour)

    A rowing machine works all the muscles of your body. It gives you a great cardio workout. The movement you use for a rowing machine means that a lot of your muscles have to work together, which means that you’re burning a lot of calories.


    Most rowing machines have pre-set, and inbuilt programs, so you can choose if you want a low-intensity workout or a high-intensity workout by changing the resistance. You can adjust the machine to suit your body and make it completely comfortable for you.



    Some machines burn more calories than others, but that’s probably not what a beginner should look for. You should choose whichever machine you like the most, and use it until your stamina and fitness have increased. If you’ve already got some exercising experience, you can combine machines for your workout.


    These weight loss machines have different functions, so use them to get the most from your cardio workout plan. Change the speeds, try new resistance levels. This will boost your heart rate, and make fat burning exercises more efficient.


    About the Author

    Ann Kaknon has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years including work as a dietician, personal trainer, and athletic trainer.  She now spends her time at home with her kids and writing about her fitness experiences on the side.  If you want to contact her you can do so on her LinkedIn or blog