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What do holistic dentist use for fillings?

    Regular visits to the dentist are essential if you want to look after your oral health and keep your teeth into old age. You may not realize it but your oral health is directly linked to your overall health, looking after your teeth will actually help you to stay healthy.

    But, you should note that not all dentists are the same. In recent years the holistic dentist has become an increasingly popular option. The reason is actually simple, a good holistic dentistry practice will look at what’s best for all of your body, not just your teeth. 

    That means the holistic dentist s more careful about the techniques and material they use. In fact, they’ll use different materials for fillings than a traditional dentist!

    The Danger Of Amalgams

    Traditionally fillings have been done with dental amalgam, this is actually a mixture of metals and as much as 50% of that mixture is mercury.

    If the mercury seeps into your body it can cause a variety of health issues, including brain damage and death. That’s why holistic dentists recommend removing these types of fillings. However, they need to be removed very carefully to ensure the mercury does not leach into your system.

    In fact, mercury is taken so seriously that the dentists will be in hazmat suits and you’ll be covered from head to toe with only the tooth they’re working on isolated.

    Replacement Materials

    It’s not just mercury that can cause issues to your overall health. Your mouth is a moist environment and any metal introduced has the potential to rust inside your mouth. A holistic dentist will seek to avoid using any metal materials in your mouth.

    Instead, when dealing with fillings or braces, the holistic dentist will use ceramic or porcelain materials. These are more natural and are likely to be safer for you. But, it should be noted that some materials actually contain BPA or HEMA. These are plasticizers that strengthen the material in your filling and ensure they stay in place.

    Unfortunately, these chemicals have also been linked with disrupting hormone levels in your body, hence the reason that holistic dentists won’t use them. 

    Other materials that a holistic dentist will consider carefully include fluoride. This is said to be beneficial for bone strength. However, some research suggests it may increase the risk of certain cancers. A holistic dentist is aware of this and will avoid using or prescribing it unless it’s really necessary.

    If you’re getting enough of these minerals from your diet they won’t offer you anymore. 

    The care Level

    Just because a holistic dentist avoids using conventional materials for fillings, braces etc. doesn’t mean that the care you receive will be any less. They are still trained in the same way as a conventional dentist, they simply take time to consider the effect on your entire body, as opposed to just your teeth. 

    In short, a good holistic dentist will improve your tooth health, overall oral health, and even your general health. That’s a pretty good incentive to try one today.