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What Do Workers Claim Compensation for the Most?


    As a business owner, you must have workers’ compensation insurance to protect your business against claims made by your employees.

    Texas is the only state that doesn’t make this a legal requirement. It’s also a myth that only large businesses need to have this insurance policy in place.

    Despite many claims by the insurance industry, the reality is only 1% to 2% of claims against businesses by workers are fraudulent.

    DSS Law states that workers are often entitled to compensation and any worker who believes they’re entitled should claim immediately, thus making it even more important for organizations to carry proper coverage.

    What’s the Most Common Reason Workers Claim Compensation?

    There are two types of incidents that account for almost two-thirds of all claims.

    DSS Law says 33% of all claims are made due to overexertion. What this means in practice is an injury like a pulled muscle or a damaged joint caused as a result of pushing, pulling, and lifting.

    These are relatively minor injuries, in most cases, and the worker in question usually doesn’t have to take off more than a few weeks.

    More serious are those caused by slips, trips, and falls. These account for around 30% of all workers’ compensation claims.

    Due to the nature of these accidents, injuries may be relatively minor, or they may be more severe. In more extreme cases, a slip or a trip could result in permanent disability.

    What Should Workers Do When Involved in an Accident?

    Understand that you are entitled to justice whenever you’re involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault.

    DSS Law says the first step is to make sure you call a lawyer so you can get some expert advice about your injuries. They will be able to advise you on the best course of action, as well as liaising with your employer.

    You should also understand that just because you fill out a 1099 form doesn’t make your employer immune from prosecution. If you feel confused about how to kickstart the legal process, it would be wise to seek help from attorneys who are well-versed with the related laws. You can click for more information and learn how they have your back during the legal proceedings.

    What Can Businesses Do in this Situation?

    Business owners should cooperate with the worker and their legal team if there’s a case.What You Should Know About Workers Comp

    Furthermore, it’s important for them to discuss the claim with their legal team to see if it’s worth fighting to avoid additional legal costs.

    The point is cooperation on both sides is required for the issue to be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Last Word – Making Businesses Safer

    Claiming compensation for an injury at work is not about ambulance chasing or an attempt to make a quick buck.

    It’s about getting justice for workers who have been hurt just because they were doing their jobs. And it’s also about encouraging businesses to review their safety procedures and training programs, thus making the workplace safer for everyone.

    To find out more about claiming compensation, read more here and figure out how to proceed next.

    Were you recently involved in an accident at work?