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What does an ophthalmologist do?

    What is a cataract? 

    A cataract is where the common focal point of the eye gets shady and squares out the light from entering the eye. It is one of the best 5 reasons for visual deficiency in Singapore and happens because of maturing, sun introduction and additionally interminable maladies like diabetes. 

    At the point when you have a cataract, the side effects you can encounter include: 

    • Blurred vision.
    • Require brilliant lighting during daytime.
    • Feel that daylight or vehicle headlights are glaring.
    • Vision more regrettable around evening time.
    • Seeing twofold vision.
    • Having to change glasses oftentimes.
    • Vision obscure significantly subsequent to getting glasses changed or checked by the optician. 

    For what reason do I have to check for cataract? How might I check in the event that I have a cataract? 

    Doing a check with an eye expert permits any indications of cataract to be recognized and treated early. 

    With our Cataract Check bundle, Dr can evaluate your cataract and exhort you on: 

    • How genuine is your cataract(s); 
    • If and how you can defer movement of the cataract(s); 
    • When and how your cataracts can be dealt with. 

    Why see Dr for cataracts? 

    Dr is an accomplished cataract specialist and has an abundance of involvement with overseeing standard and complex cataract cases, from his involvement with private practice and at SNEC’s Department of General Cataract and Comprehensive Service. 

    With his capability and experience as a cataract eye master and retina specialist, he can all the more likely survey and oversee entangled cataract cases during, previously and post-medical procedure. This is particularly significant for patients who have retina conditions, or in danger of retina tear or separation, or has family ancestry of retina separation. 

    Dr can play out the medical procedure at different various clinics, contingent upon your own inclination and money related/protection prerequisites: 

    • Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital 
    • Farrer Park Hospital 
    • Mount Elizabeth Orchard Hospital 
    • Gleneagles Hospital 

    When is cataract medical procedure essential? 

    With the most recent procedures of cataract evacuation and the new ages of premium focal point inserts, you presently don’t need to hold up until your cataract is “ready” or exceptionally thick. Cataract medical procedure is currently suggested if the degree of the cataract in your eye(s) influences the nature of vision which you require for your day by day exercises and work.

    How is the cataract medical procedure done? 

    Dr utilizes progressed and safe methods for the cataract medical procedure. The medical procedure is finished by Dr as a day medical procedure system in the working performance centres with the medical procedure enduring normally around 45 minutes. The patient is set under nearby sedation mellow sedation under steady observing by an Anaesthetists specialist so the patient won’t feel any uneasiness, torment or distress during a medical procedure. 

    The medical procedure includes 2 stages: 

    1. Removal of the cataract.
    2. Insertion of intraocular focal point embeds. 

    Meet Dr Claudine Pang 

    Asia Retina Eye Surgery Centres was set up to give complete eye care to our patients, with an accentuation on retinal consideration. We have a crucial spread consciousness of the basic and proactive advances everybody can take to accomplish eye wellbeing. She is best ophthalmologist in Singapore.

    We are energetic about conveying quality eye care concentrated on: 

    • Fully altered and individualized eye medicines.
    • Attentive and customized eye care and clinical guidance.
    • Innovative and mechanically dynamic eye care arrangements.