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What Happens at The Dentist When You Are Getting a Deep Cleaning?

    One of the most common dental procedures at the dentist is a dental cleaning, which removes built-up tartar from your oral cavity, leaving your mouth feeling clean and smelling fresh. Dentists at Advantage Dental Care provide deep dental cleaning in Springfield, helping patients maintain proper dental hygiene.

    About the procedure

    Deep cleaning, also known as SRP, will generally take two appointments to complete. You will be numb, either by a thick viscous gel placed all over your gum and below the gums and into the pockets. Some patients choose this option because they do not like needles. Keep in mind that you will not be entirely numb with the gel, but it does take the edge off.

    If you choose to be entirely numb, your dentist can use a local anesthetic. Now, most dental offices will give you topical gel on the area before the injection, so you will barely feel the poke.

    If you are not sure which one to get—the numbing gel or the local numbing anesthetic—your dentist will recommend which one they believe is best for you, based on how deep your periodontal pockets are and the amount of buildup on your teeth.

    Why you have to do it twice

    It takes two appointments to complete a deep cleaning because they will numb up one side of your mouth at a time. Your whole mouth should not be entirely numb when you leave the appointment because the numbing effect lasts a couple of hours; so, trying to talk without biting up your cheeks would be difficult if your whole mouth is numb. Between the two front teeth, the top and the bottom is how your dentist will determine the right versus the left side of your mouth, which are the two deep cleaning appointments.

    What happens during the deep cleaning once you are numbed up

    The process is very similar to regular cleaning, except they are cleaning below the gum line and the tops of your teeth.

    You might feel pressure and recognize which area your doctor is working on, but you should not feel any pain. If you feel pain, let your dentist know so he or she can give you more numbing.

    Will there be bleeding?

    There is bleeding during the procedure. However, it stops very quickly, right when the dental instruments are out of your mouth. Additionally, there will be lots of water and suctioning throughout the appointment, so you will not be tasting blood.

    Deep cleaning is not a major dental procedure like a tooth extraction. Once you are done with the deep cleaning, you can go home to resume your regular life and brush and floss like normal.

    Home care, brushing, and flossing, are key after a deep cleaning. You should ensure that you keep your gum pockets clean so they can form up and not allow any tartar to start building up in those areas again.

    After both the right and left sides, if your teeth are clean, the next dentist appointment is a 4-6week re-evaluation. Here, your dentist will compare your results to before your cleaning was completed. The goal is for your gums to have firmed and healed up.

    You will also have regular cleaning done on this day as well, which is usually not uncomfortable at this time, so you will not need to be numb.

    Schedule your deep dental cleaning at Advantage Dental Care where they strive to make you feel cosmetically beautiful and fresh.