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What Is a Telemedicine Visit and Why Is Telemedicine Important?

    Were you aware that a telemedicine visit is one of the best ways for patients to interact with doctors?

    But what is a telemedicine visit? It’s essentially a method doctors use to speak with patients without seeing them. Today, telemedicine is starting to be offered by many places because it’s simple to implement.

    Whether you’re a doctor or patient, it’s best to figure out whether telemedicine is right for you. Fortunately, we’ve got all the info you’ll need to know.

    Read on to learn more about the telemedicine definition and its benefits.

    What Is a Telemedicine Visit?

    Telemedicine is a newer practice that involves working with patients online instead of in person. This not only makes it easier for health professionals to see patients, but it prevents spreading things like viruses.

    In a typical telemedicine visit, a patient can discuss their medical problems with a doctor. The process is no different from an in-person appointment. However, this can be done through video chat, messages, and phone calls.

    If a patient isn’t having serious problems, there won’t be a need to have them come in. However, those with more severe symptoms will be advised to schedule an in-person appointment as soon as possible. 

    The Benefits of Telemedicine Companies

    Telemedicine companies can help connect doctors with their patients through online portals. These portals can be integrated with other software, such as spreadsheet programs.

    When using telemedicine, both doctors and patients can get several benefits that in-person appointments don’t provide.

    One popular company is Beam Healthcare, which partners with all types of organizations. If you work with a company like this, your office can implement several solutions to make patients’ lives easier.


    A telemedicine visit can be scheduled at any time and is much easier to attend because it doesn’t require travel. Depending on the portal, patients may view available visit hours to make scheduling quicker.

    Disease Control

    A telemedicine visit doesn’t involve in-person communication, so no germs will be spread. During things like pandemics, doctors can use telemedicine to keep everyone safe.

    Better Assessments

    One problem that many doctors have when assessing patients is understanding what their home life is like. When a patient is having allergy-related symptoms, a telemedicine visit can let the doctor see what the patient surrounds themselves with.

    While this doesn’t guarantee a doctor can find out what the problem is, having a patient in their comfortable space can help move things forward. For example, if a patient is nervous about an appointment, they may forget to say things that’ll help reach a diagnosis.

    Now You Understand the Telemedicine Definition

    After reading this article, you no longer need to ask “what is a telemedicine visit?”

    If you work at a doctor’s office, you can start looking into telemedicine companies to offer these services. Those that’d like to start having telemedicine visits can ask their doctors about the process.

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