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What is a Vibrational Healing 9 Things You Need to Know

    The term “vibrational healing” refers to a suite of healing methods that work with the energy that dwells within all things.


    Rocks, plants, people, planets – all are composed of the same essential energy that creates and sustains all life. Scientists might call this approach the laws of quantum physics. Holistic practitioners call this vibrational or energy healing.


    Regardless of what terminology you prefer to use, vibrational healing can help you feel better, look better and live a more balanced and fulfilling life. In this article, learn nine key things you need to know about vibrational healing.


    1. There are many types of vibrational healing and you don’t have to do them all.


    Many of the most trusted and respected methods of vibrational healing in use today have a history that stretches back thousands of years.


    Some of these, such as harnessing the healing power in plants and herbs, may have been in use before we even invented language to describe what we were doing.


    What you need to know here is that there are so many vibrational healing methods to choose from today and you don’t need to do them all or even know about them all.


    Rather, just pay attention if you find your interest is captured by a particular method, such as crystal healing or the chakra courses Evolve Healing offers.


    Let your own interest and curiosity be your guide and trust that it will guide you well.


    1. Some forms of energy have a particularly high vibration.


    On an energetic level, you can understand the difference between “low frequency” and “high frequency” by the change that occurs when the batteries in a flashlight starts to run low. The light gets dimmer. It is harder to see and navigate safely.


    Similarly, when your energy runs low due to stress, anxiety, infection, environmental toxins or some other reason, your vibrational frequency is lower. You are not feeling your best.


    If you want to raise your vibration and start to heal and feel better, you need to make contact with high vibration energy sources, such as the energy that is naturally present in crystals, essential oils, pure whole foods, flower essences and similar energies.


    1. You can use high vibration energies in specific ways to achieve healing.


    Just keeping some beautiful crystals and gemstones nearby, adding a few drops of essential oil to a diffuser or arranging fresh cut flowers in a vase can provide an instant vibrational lift throughout your space.


    But if you are struggling to overcome low energy or chronic illness, or you are feeling a lot of stress or anxiety, it helps to take a more deliberate approach with your vibrational healing efforts.


    For example, crystal layouts is a type of vibrational healing that teaches you how to use specific crystals in specific formations to raise your vibration and encourage healing.


    Combining certain essential oils together with a carrier oil is another specific way of arranging high vibration energies to create the opportunity for healing to occur.


    1. Raise your vibration by balancing your chakras.


    Your body system is filled with countless energy centers called meridians. These meridians factor heavily into vibrational healing methods like acupuncture and acupressure.


    Every person has seven primary energy centers. These are called chakras. They run along your spine from the tailbone to the crown of the head. These are the most important energy meridians in your body and when they get blocked or toxic, you can expect to have lower energy and experience health issues.


    For this reason, one of the most impactful methods of vibrational healing is chakra healing. Chakra healing can include balancing, opening, energizing and harmonizing your chakras individually and as a group.


    1. Music is another powerful vibrational healing tool.


    Whether you use music to express joy, work out anger or stress, calm yourself for meditation or motivate yourself to work out, you probably are already intuitively aware that music carries a pretty powerful vibration, whether positive or negative.


    One specific vibrational healing discipline called shamanic sound harnesses music in the form of drumming and singing to put individuals into a trancelike healing state. But you can use music as a supportive part of any vibrational healing work you do.


    1. Vibration therapy is an increasingly accepted part of modern Western medicine.


    Vibrational healing is being used more frequently today to treat a range of difficult and sometimes chronic health conditions ranging from osteoporosis to Parkinson’s disease.


    Vibration therapy is being studied for its usefulness in detoxifying the body, easing chronic pain, improving wound healing, balancing blood sugar, reducing tinnitus symptoms and many more medical issues that have proven resistant to other treatment methods.


    1. Color also carries strong vibrational energy.


    You probably have a favorite color – most people do. Learning more about the qualities of that color, where it lies on the color spectrum, its qualities and which chakra it most closely corresponds to can give you more insight into your color preferences.


    Each chakra has its own color match, which can be helpful to heal or rebalance a particular chakra that is bringing your energy down.


    1. Researchers have successfully used vibrational sound to fight cancer.


    Two researchers have been studying the impact of vibrational sound on cancer cells. Their research produced cancer remission in two women struggling to heal from breast cancer.


    Sound healing is increasing being used for a variety of physical healing needs, from chronic pain to other kinds of illness.


    1. Try a combination approach for enhanced results with vibrational healing.


    From essential oils and crystals to light and sound healing, color therapy and chakra healing to Reiki and acupuncture, you have so many choices to improve your health and quality of life.


    The more you learn about how each vibrational healing method supports and is supported by all the others, the better able you will be to raise your vibration quickly and effectively and maintain this healthy state.