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What Is an Early Warning Sign of Balding?

    Are you worried that you are going bald?

    Have you considered what the early warning signs might be?

    The obvious major sign of balding is that your hairline is receding. But this is not the only one. 

    Also, just because we see some early signs of balding does not mean that these signs cannot be reversed or dealt with.

    In this article, we go through the major warning signs of balding and look at how they can be dealt with!

    1. Receding Hairline

    Let’s get the most obvious sign of balding out of the way. This is the one that most people are confronted with because it is the most obvious one to see when they look in the mirror. 

    Also, it’s not just men who experience this. Women actually also experience balding at rates that most people are probably not aware of. 

    There are actually a number of medications that you can either buy over the counter or get from your doctor to fight a receding hairline. So, don’t fret, and definitely don’t pull your hair out with worry!

    2. Bald Patches

    The next most obvious sign of balding is that you see bald patches in various places on your head. We often don’t see these bald spots developing until someone points them out to us. 

    There are a variety of reasons that you can develop a bald patch. Sometimes it is just a case of a natural change that our body undergoes. Sometimes they are brought on by extreme stress.

    Bald patches are sometimes reversed naturally. But they can also be treated with medications and hair growth stimulants like argan oil. 

    You can also use services like hair transplantation by Dr. Jacono to completely fix bald spots.

    3. Hair Thinning

    Will I go bald if my hair starts to thin? This is a question that a lot of people ask themselves, but it is also a question that people often answer incorrectly. 

    The hair thinning vs hair balding debate has a long history. But the bottom line is that hair thinning does not always mean hair balding. Just like bald patches, we can often have thinner hair during periods of stress.

    One option that people have if their hair has thinned out and won’t return is to use pigmentation therapies to create the effect of thicker hair. 

    No Sign of Balding Is the End of the World

    When we see a sign of balding in the mirror, it’s essential that we don’t start to worry too much about it. In virtually all cases of balding, there is something we can do about it.

    From hair rejuvenation therapies to hair transplants and pigmentation procedures, we can combat the signs of balding. So, whatever stage of balding you are at, just remember that it is never too late to find a solution.

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