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What Is An EMOM Workout? And Why Is It Effective?

    When you are at the very start of your athletic career, it could be hard to get through various terms and special slang. For example, do you know what is the essence of the EMOM workout? Why is it effective? Let’s enclose some EMOM secrets together!

    What Means EMOM

    This abbreviation refers to the phrase ‘every minute on a minute’. This fully transfers the essence of EMOM workouts – to perform a single piece of training for a minute with a certain number of sets. As a result, you make an intensive workout in a short time.

    As usual, the EMOM workout lasts no more than half of an hour. On average, the timeline for this workout is 10-20 minutes. The more time you devote to your EMOM workout the more types of excercises you will do in it.

    The main principle of EMOM workout is as follows:

    • You choose several types of sets to do one after another.
    • Each piece of workout is done for a minute. If you choose to do a set of pushups for a minute, you should do them without interruption. If there is time left after the workout is done, use it to rest.

    Why Are EMOM Workouts Effective?

    Many athletes today choose this type of workout because of the obvious benefits of EMOM principles. These advantages include:

    • Optimal use of time. EMOM is a short workout that is as effective as longer workouts.
    • Due to the fact that during the execution of EMOM your body is almost constantly in motion, you increase not only strength but also endurance. This type of training is aimed at improving performance.
    • At the same time, EMOM can be adapted to any purpose. Depending on what result you want to get, you can choose exercises that will provide this result.
    • The creativity of such training is also on top. Often, if you get bored with the same type of regimen, adding one or two EMOM workouts to your schedule allows you to diversify it. Moreover, the choice of exercises for EMOM can be adjusted constantly.

    Is There Any Negative Feature in EMOM?

    EMOM workouts are safe and effective only when you plan them using thoughtful approach. If you plan to include them in your training schedule, it is better to consider the following aspects:

    • For EMOM, proper exercise technique is extremely important. If you sacrifice technique for the sake of execution speed, the result will be nothing at best. At worst, you will do great harm to your health. Be sure to consult with an experienced coach about the technique and order of performing the EMOM exercises.
    • The point of EMOM is not to do as many reps as possible in a minute. It is important to strike a balance between the number of approaches and the interval within one minute. For example, if you are going to perform sit-ups, it is better to do 5 sit-ups per minute and give your body time to rest than to schedule 7 sit-ups but move on to the next exercise with little or no rest.

    With EMOM workout, you can quickly achieve good results. This workout option is suitable for those who can’t spare a few hours a day to train and it provides prominent effect when used thoughtfully.