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What is fat freezing and things to consider before freezing off your fat

    It’s not a new thing that people want to lose their fat from their body and want to get a fat free well fit body that can attract others. Now, there are tons of methods to lose fat from your body. Some of them are natural like you have to go through an intense workout and the excessive body fat will burn out along the process. Some of them do not rally Natural, like a surgery where the fat inside your body will be sucked out from the body. This is a process I always discourage people to do. 

    And there is this third category you may have heard of, Fat Freezing (read about it here) or CoolSclupting method, This method is here for while now, as it started from 2010 and is practiced by hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. Today we are going to be talking about the Fat Freezing method of getting rid of fat inside your body. What should you know before you go for an NJ fat freezing procedure and what should you be precautious about.

    How does this method work?

    It is a fat removing process where your skins will be taken to a freezing point and the fat cells under the skin are vulnerable to that certain freezing point. This coldness eventually will force the fat cells to die, and the body system will kick the dead cells out of your body within the next few weeks. This method actually originated from an idea of frostbite. When a human body goes into frostbite, the fat cells die before the skin gets into effect. With this idea, scientists have proved that with a certain amount of coldness can be used in our favor, to remove fat cells by letting them die with the help of that coldness.

    There are so many medical centers dedicated to getting you through the fat-freezing process. You will have to be patient throughout the whole process because the process takes a long while to take you to a result. 

    But you also can find so many wearables garments and devices to freeze your fat cells. There are FDA certified fat freezing belts to do the job while staying at home as well. But make sure to check out the fat freezing belt reviews you can find online to be sure that you are getting the right product. The review will give you a clear view of the real users of the product.

    Things to know before you get a fat-freezing treatment

    There are so many known and unknown facts revealed during fat-freezing treatment taken by thousands of people throughout the world since 2010. Here are some of those things you should know and get prepared for a better experience if you are planning on fat-freezing. 

    Skin temperature will drop

    Although the Fat-Freezing procedure is FDA-Cleared, so you don’t really have something to be worried about! But you still should know what is going to happen while going through the process. Saying the word freezing, means freeze to death, but this only applies to your fat cells. Your skin will not be freeze to break. But the skin will get cold enough. Fat cells are more prone to coldness, they get cold before the skin. And while the skin goes cold enough, within that time, the fat cells are freeze to death. this process is not harmful to your skin and the dead cells will be pushed out of your body within the next few weeks. That’s called cryolipolysis.

    Beware of uneven removal!

    The process uses a vacuum-like nozzle on the surface of your skin and applies controlled cold suction to it, which leads the fat cells to freeze. It has a potential probability to freez a certain area and leave a certain area behind! That’s why you should be very selective if you are going to a specialist to do fat-freezing. Make sure the specialist has a long experience and of course a good track record. 

    It comes with a price tag!

    As this process takes a good amount of time, patience and expertise of a highly professional person, It’s obvious that it will come with a price tag! The price depends on where you live and what level of service you are looking for. A professional with experience of 7 years will definitely charge you more than a fresher in the line. It can be anywhere from $500 up to $4000 per session.

    One session may not be enough!

    You may think that one session of the treatment will be enough to get rid of all your fat. Well, yes it is true that one treatment on a body part may be enough although it takes a lot of time and patience to take the process into effect as you have to wait for weeks before you can see the actual result to your body. But One session may not be quite enough to make all the fat disappear! Talk to your specialist if it will be enough with a single session or not and don’t forget to be sure that you are a perfect candidate to do it in the first place!