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What is Food Marketing and why does it matter?

    The amount of sales which is achieved from each and every product depends on the marketing which is directed towards such product. Because of the crucial role of marketing in the sales of products, small, medium as well as large scale food manufacturer direct huge amount towards the sales of their products so as to enhance sales. There are various forms of food marketing, it can be achieved by creating awareness, building good relationship with customers, creating new products, distribution of gift items and paying shopping malls for shelf space in order to increase the sales of your product.

    The marketing of food likewise have a great effect on the kind of food people consume which would in turn determine their health status. The main focus of United States food and beverage manufacturers is the marketing of their products which include cereals, candy, snacks and other products with low nutrient content. However, any environment which focuses mainly on the purchase and consumption of these products would have a reduction in manpower as well as the ability to eat healthy. This is why food marketing matters and people should consume foods which are healthy rather than those which would cause diet related disease.

    It is also crucial to determine the level of responsibility individuals have on the kind of food they choose versus beverage companies that use their own knowledge so as to enhance the sales of their products. It is also essential to determine the effect of government policies in the regulation of food to children.


    Marketing as a tool can either be used for promoting or harming the health of individuals. For example, an advertising campaign which is directed towards the sales of broccoli would give the customers the impression that it is a healthy as well as tasty food. But the United States food marketing budget likewise promote the sales of sweetened breakfast cereals and products with low nutrient content like sodas, we need to know why?

    Irrespective of the longer shelf life, added convenience, good flavors or appearance, food processing has been known to enhance the value of raw agricultural foods. The value which is added is what differentiates the costs of manufacturing a product and the price which is paid by a consumer for the product. For example, a farmer who is selling a gallon of raw goat milk might receive $5 but once the milk is processed into cheese, the value can increase to $20. The added value is the main reason why people pay lots of money for a carton of corn flakes, the raw material (corn) may cost only a penny.

    Additionally, the value would increase the profit of the food manufacturers. Moreover, some food which are processed appropriately but have low nutrient may generate the greatest profit. This is because they are manufactured with grains which require minimal amount for processing into the final process. The abundance of the raw materials likewise makes it easy for the manufacturers to process them into food which are appealing to the customers. Such products have the highest marketing attention and also generate lots of profits.

    Fruits and vegetables are nutritious to the body system but there is limitation in freezing, canning, peeling and slicing them, this reduce the rate at which manufacturers can add value to them. However, food manufacturers are also finding new and profitable means through which fruits as well as vegetable can be marketed to the general public. Thus the marketing of food would determine which would be readily available to the populace and will definitely have a great effect on their health as well as wellbeing.