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What is it like to travel with HIV

    Traveling with HIV has been a controversial topic for a long time.

    And for some it still is!

    This is due to the nature of HIV and what people thing about it in general. And because of that, people who are HIV positive have been experiencing some travel restrictions.  

    So what exactly should one expect to experience when traveling with HIV and are there any real restrictions still in place?

    It is important to know what laws apply to traveling with HIV, simply because you want to avoid any problems during your travels.

    The USA example

    The US government has set a great example for other countries by lifting all HIV travel restrictions in 2010 under the Obama administration.

    Taking into account the importance of decisions made by the US and its affects on international relations in general, this move changes a lot. However, there are still some restrictions in place related to medicine when traveling to the USA.

    And the US takes these things seriously, therefore it is good to make sure what restrictions could affect you when visiting the US.

    These changes allow for an easier process of travel authorization too. And a lot of travelers can now use ESTA application online form to obtain travel authorization when visiting the USA.

    However, you should always remember that not all countries have lifted their travel bans or restrictions for visitors who are HIV positive! Which means your plans to travel the world and visit some amazing places could change dramatically, because of such restrictions.

    Restrictions are still in place

    More travel freedom has been granted to all travellers from around the world over the past few years. And most countries are doing everything they can, to welcome more visitors within their borders.

    However, there are still places that restrict visitors with positive HIV. And for the most part there are two groups of such countries.

    Some of them still have a complete ban on HIV positive visitors. This means that a Visa won’t be granted without paperwork proving that the traveler is HIV negative. And no matter the condition of the traveler who is HIV positive, there is no chance of obtaining the Visa or any other form of travel authorisation.

    All the other countries that still restrict visitors with positive HIV have specific restrictions in place, but there is not a complete ban in place. Which means you still have a good chance of visiting the place even if you are HIV positive! However, your travel plans have to align with the specifics of these restrictions.

    For the most part these restrictions apply to the time you are planning to spend traveling the country. This means that most travellers will still be able to visit the countries they plan on traveling to.

    This goes to show that it is important for all travellers to make sure there are no direct restrictions in place, before planning their travels.

    Will this change in the future

    As mentioned before, the USA has set a good example for other countries to lift all bans and restrictions on HIV positive travellers.

    But this does not mean that all countries will follow this example. And the main reason for that is that there is still a lot of unknown about HIV in general.

    And because these countries are doing everything in their power to avoid further spreading of HIV.

    This means that the decision on HIV travel restrictions is up to the governments of the specific countries.

    The good thing is that the overall attitude towards HIV has been changing over the past few years. And people are not looking at HIV as something that would harm them only if someone would visit their city or region.

    Travel insurance

    The most important thing to think about when traveling with HIV is your insurance. Actually, good travel insurance is something that matters for everyone who travels.

    Look for a travel insurance company, that covers everything related to HIV and you should be good. Otherwise, you are taking a huge risk which could end bad for you and the people close to you.

    Looking at traveling with HIV altogether we can see that the situations is changing and there is more travel freedom granted for everyone. Including HIV positive travellers!

    But this does not, however, mean that you’ll be able to visit all of the places you could wish to visit. So take the time to plan it out right and make sure you have good insurance coverage.