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What is Mentalism? How Can a Beginner get started?

    Mentalism in an of itself dates back thousands and thousands of years back to ancient times. Mentalism is ultimately the portraying of mental super powers to the audience that you is watching you. Mentalism involves many things such as mind reading, hypnosis,  mind control, and cold reading.

    Is mentalism something that a complete beginner can learn?

    The answer to this depends entirely on the person that is wanting to learn mentalism. Mentalism is a very tough thing for most people to learn, this is why you don’t see many mentalism professionals walking around. Learning this skill is something that takes tremendous effort and dedication. You will need to be ready for this and 100% expect that you will get tired or learning and you will discouraged, but do not give up. If you do not think you have what it takes then there is no reason to even get started learning mentalism. This is a skill that can only be mastered by the top dawgs.


    Another reason why learning it can prove to be challenging is because finding the right materials from where to get the knowledge on the topic is extremely difficult. Yes, there are mentalism courses and mentalism books out there, but I have read several of them and to be honest… They mostly suck.


    I’m a beginner, what can i expect and where should i start?

    Learning mentalism as a beginner you can expect that you will to put in many many hours of work into reading, watching, practicing and performing many of the basics necessary. The best place to start is going to be online by using the online mentalism resources. A good website dedicated to teaching and learning mentalism is mentalismminds, check out their latest post for more in depth mentalism knowledge.


    The next place after finding everything you possibly can about mentalism online, is to get started by reading mentalism books. My personal favorite mentalism book is the the 13 steps of mentalism by Tony Corinda. She does an excellent job of centering the knowledge around that of a beginner and slowly easing you into learning the more advanced stuff later on in the book.


    Once you get say 2-3 books under your belt, your next source that you are going to want to check out is going to be grabbing a mentalism course. By this time you should be pretty knowledgeable on the whole topic of mentalism and should be starting to perform some basic mentalism tricks.


    The mentalism courses available like “Master Mentalism” are the ultimate guide resource to becoming a complete master mentalist. By the time you make it all the way through the mentalism course you will find yourself smarter, and able to perform mentalism on the skill level that top mentalist such as Derren Brown do. This course will start you off with learning just a few mentalism tricks in the beginning and then will slowly progress your knowledge so that you can start to perform mind reading tricks. Mind reading tricks and cold reading is some of the most powerful skill that you can ever posses. These not only will be useful in mentalism areas of your life, but in every aspect of your life. You will be able to find more success, happiness and your overall sense of well-being will be significantly improved.


    So Can a Beginner Learn this Skill We Call Mentalism?


    Yes, learning mentalism is possible for a complete beginner, but it will most definitely be a challenging task. But in the end it will pay off and you will reap the rewards of mastering the skill of mentalism.