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    Sleep cycle sets up during the time or we may say that sleep cycle runs through fixing the alarm. Waking up routine is all about timing. Sleep cycle alarm clock tracks your sleep patterns and wakes up during light sleep. During light sleep, waking up feels like waking up rested without an alarm clock naturally.                                                    


    Stages of sleep: During the sleep, we usually go to sleep through five stages of sleep. Simplified that through stages, we go to sleep 1-2 hrs for light sleep,3-4 hrs sound sleep and the final fifth stage is REM sleep, we go to sleep. We also referred to as rapid eye movement sleep. The first stage is light sleep and in this stage, we drift in and out of sleep. Our eyes move slowly our muscle activity is slow and we would be easy to wake up. In the 2nd stage, our body begins preparing for the sound sleeper. In the period, eye movements and brain wars slow down, body temperature drops and heart rate slow down.                                            In the 3rd stage, we go to sound sleep. Extremely slow brain waves are called delta waves and delta waves are intermixed with smaller, faster brain waves. In the 4th stage, we go to sound sleep and our brain almost exclusively creates the slow delta waves, giving the guideline us towards the 5th stage of sleep. Entering into the last and 5th stage it is called REM sleep. In this stage, our eyes are closed but function rapidly from side to side due to intense dream and brain activity go through in this stage.                                                                                                                            


    Sleep cycle alarm clock: Now, we come and enter into the sleep cycle. Our movements vary from with each sleep stage. Sleep cycle utilities sound analysis to identify sleep states, tracking our movements in bed. Sleep cycle uses a wake-up phase that finishes at your desired alarm time. During this stage, sleep cycle would monitor signals from our body to wake softly. Sleep cycle has got twice motion detection modes. We can change modes under settings; Motion detection(if alarm turned on in settings)                                     


    Microphone: The microphone is used to analyze our movement s as we go to sleep. It is more important that we place our phone correctly.                                         


    Accelerometer: This instrument accelerometer is to be utilized to analyze our movements as we go to sleep. It is important that we place our phone rightly. Such type of bed and mattresses work better. This mattress may cost more.     


    Snooze: Snooze by simply double tapping on the phone. The phone would also snooze automatically. Sleep cycle has two snooze modes;                                                                


    • Intelligent snooze: Intelligent snooze qualifies/completes the wake-up phase.Due to time, each snooze becomes shorter, gently bringing all of us from asleep to wake completely at our desired alarm time.


    • Regular snooze-It chooses a specific snooze time between 1-20 minutes. We can change modes under the setting snooze and it can also be completely disabled. Mattress financing facilities are also available. Mattress can be financed. More information is also available for financing the mattresses. Good and costly mattresses can be used safely for comfortable and sleeping well.