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What Is the Average Whiplash Injury Compensation Amount?

    Did you know that more than two million people experience whiplash every year in America? With such a high number of people dealing with the aftermath of whiplash, you might be wondering what the average whiplash injury compensation is.

    If you recently dealt with whiplash or know someone that did then keep reading to learn more about what to expect.

    First Things First

    One thing that you want to do right away is, seek medical attention and advice from a motor vehicle accident attorney if your whiplash was caused by a car accident that you were involved in. Also, an early visit to the chiropractor after car accident will help you in your healing process.

    As long as you follow the correct procedures you might be entitled to not only financial compensation for your physical injuries but also compensation for any lost wages, and damage to your vehicle. The more time that you allow to pass between the accident and filing your claim the more difficult it becomes for any attorney to fight for your financial compensation. 

    When you go to the doctor after your accident and a doctor confirms that you have whiplash you will want to make sure that you get their diagnosis in writing to have as proof. Make sure to keep all of your proof such as medical bills, doctor’s notes, prescriptions, etc.

    How Much Will You Receive for Compensation?

    The simple answer to this question is that it depends. There are a multitude of reasons this will vary. To give you a ballpark figure it can range between $2,500-$10,000. Some cases can receive more like $30,000 if they involve long term treatments such as physical therapy. 

    If you suffer from neck injuries that go beyond soft-tissue damage, where your nerves are affected you can be compensated in the $100,000 bracket or more. 

    The economic damages that people are compensated for include medical bills in the present, and in the future, any lost wages from missing work, damage to your vehicle, and the cost of household chores (landscape maintenance). The non-economic damages you can be compensated for include your emotional distress, loss of consortium, and for the inability to enjoy everyday hobbies due to your injury.

    These are the five levels that whiplash injuries are typically put into:

    1. Grade 1

    This is the most minimal whiplash injury. Normally the symptoms are neck pain and or tenderness. In some cases some stiffness but never any physical signs of whiplash.

    2. Grade 2

    This is a little worse than Grade 1. The symptoms for Grade 2 are neck pain and signs of a decreased range of motion plus tenderness in the area.

    3. Grade 3

    This is right in the middle as far as pain levels. There’s a limitation on motion and some noticeable physical injuries. Sometimes there are neurological findings present, but not always.

    4. Grade 4

    This level is considered between moderate to severe. A person experiences limitations on motion and there are neurological findings as well. Sometimes there are fractures found on the spine or disc rearrangements.

    5. Grade 5

    This is the most severe level of whiplash. This is when surgery is required to stabilize the injury or to manage the injury.

    The level you fall into will be a big factor in the amount of compensation that you receive. 

    Hiring a Lawyer

    Unless you are knowledgable in car accident law, you will want to hire a professional. A professional will help you navigate through this difficult time and will help you get the most compensation for your suffering. If you choose to have a lawyer represent your case, chances are that you will get paid more than if you were to represent yourself. 

    Some people do not realize that whiplash injuries can have long term effects that can be very serious and be very debilitating to continue with your normal routine. Soon after an accident, you might feel fine or not too bad because there’s usually a lot of adrenaline and shock running through your body. A lawyer will help you work through the initial feelings to remind you that you might have to deal with this injury for years to come. 

    They will not only think short term but also long term. Thinking long term after an accident is important because you don’t want to find yourself in a tight financial situation in the future because you can no longer work or have to step down because of an injury you suffered years before. 

    Another reason you want to have a lawyer in your corner is that they will also have knowledge when it comes to dealing with the insurance company. All insurance companies are in the business to make money. The less they pay you for your injuries the more money they get to keep in their pockets. 

    The last thing you need is for the insurance company to either deny your claim or pay you much less than you deserve. Don’t simp on your lawyer. 

    Feeling Like a Whiplash Injury Compensation Pro?

    Now that you have more knowledge of whiplash injury compensation, you will be able to navigate your situation a little easier and with more clarity. As you can see there is no exact answer to what your compensation will be because it all depends on many factors. Take into account the level your whiplash falls into when getting a ballpark figure.

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