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What is The Best Housecoat?

    Housecoatare a very comfortable garment designed to dry you out of the shower and maintain body temperature. Now that we will be spending more time at home, it can be a great option to use best housecoats after taking a relaxing shower or to be even more comfortable at home. 

    Being at home 24 hours a day is not always easy, but we must admit that wearing comfortable clothes throughout the day is not so bad. Experts recommend that we dress up as if it were a normal day to alleviate the psychological consequences of confinement, but the reality is that many of us – who do telework and self-quarantine quite well for the moment – do not need to wear jeans and shirt to get through these days.

    In the cases where we are simply looking for comfortable clothes to be at home without wearing pajamas and not having to give up wearing cute, we can find the solution in knitwear, sweatshirts and comfortable pieces such as tracksuit. In addition, those of us who want to add a plus of well-being have another key element for these days: The gowns.

    These pieces, which remind us of our mothers and grandmothers, are ideal to be warm at home and to add an extra garment to our daily style. Likewise, we find them both silky, more beautiful and feminine, as well as stuffed fabric, perfect for those looking for maximum comfort.

    There are a variety of sizes, colors and designs that you can use, and today we bring you 6 that will surely be to your liking.

    1. Soft and Comfortable Robe

    A very elegant bathrobe that is made from a combination of rayon and lycra, two soft and highly absorbent fabrics. It has a design with long sleeves and a length to the knees, it is also available in sizes ranging from S to XL.

    It will cover your whole body perfectly without noticing anything, in this way you can walk around your house without worrying and feeling very comfortable.

    2. Long Robe for Men

    With best Sherpa blanket robe design that covers the entire body. This garment is made with a blend of cotton and polyester, two absorbent fabrics that are very pleasant to the touch. The design includes two pockets perfect for storing your keys or phone.

    Its flat tones make it a very versatile garment that you can use to be at home and look stylish. It will warm your entire body and easily absorb fluids to allow you to be totally dry within minutes of showering.

    3. Classic Style with Fleece Lining

    It is a very fluffy, plush and totally absorbent housecoat that you can use on a daily basis. It’s made from super soft polyester and features a classic shawl collar design.

    If you are looking for a garment that will keep your body warm even on cold days, this robe can be a great choice. Its design includes an adjustable belt that allows a firmer coverage.

    4. Plush Design for Women

    This gown is made from durable, soft, skin-friendly fabrics. The design includes two very large front pockets so you can store your hands and protect them from the cold.

    Its classic style and soft fabrics will make you feel warm and relaxed. Its high-quality materials mean it can withstand a wash cycle without damage or fading.

    5. Soft Cotton Robe

    A garment made with cotton and elastane, light and absorbent fabrics that are really comfortable in contact with the skin. It has a long V-neck design and ¾ sleeves.

    This robe will allow you to fully enjoy your time at home. In addition to keeping your skin warm so that you preserve your body heat, it will give you a pleasant sensation that will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

    6. Plush Robes

    Housecoat styles are warm, comfortable, and perfect for being at home during the cold months. In addition, their cotton composition makes them ideal alternatives to be at home comfortably. We find both short designs, for the hottest ones, and long models, for the coolest ones. Likewise, we look for gowns of different thicknesses to adapt to the climatic situation of your home.