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What is the connection between diet and exercise?

    When it comes to your overall health and fitness, diet and exercise will go hand in hand. You may be hitting the gym on junk food that would only lower your workout potential. 

    So, depending on your choice of foods, you can either have more incredible energy to fuel your workout processes or less power that would lower your efforts on exercise. Sure, taking a good diet would help provide the right point to sustain you during your workouts. 

    Likewise, you’ll be more likely to have a poor performance during your exercise when you don’t get the right or enough diet.

    However, choosing the best diet can sometimes prove a challenging task. Fortunately, we have provided some of the best diets and tips for better exercising. 

    Nutrition guidelines and tips for better exercising

    You may be taking the best diet, but if you don’t exercise, you risk your chances of getting obesity, high blood pressure, heart failure, among other heart-related conditions. 

    So for you to have a long and vibrant life, you have to ensure you combine a healthy diet with regular exercising. 

    Here are the tips for proper nutrition fitness:

    Eat healthy breakfast

    If you exercise primarily in the morning, ensure you get off to a good start by eating a healthy breakfast.  Starting your day with the proper diet would help replenish your body’s blood sugar needed to power your muscles and brain. 

    So, what are some of the best breakfast meals for morning workouts?

    Your body would need the energy to enable you to exercise. So, you have to be fueled, which implies you have to eat and drink carbohydrates to help improve your performance. 

    How’s that? Carbs would be converted to glycogen that is a form of energy stored in your muscles. The energy would help power your workouts.

    Also, ensure you take in fiber and protein-rich drinks or meals to fend off hunger and help keep your energy going during exercise. 

    Here are some excellent breakfast options to consider.

    • Throw in some low-fat milk, yogurt, and chopped nuts, among other proteins
    • Instead of taking sugar-rich drinks and cereals, try oat bran, oatmeal, and other whole-grain cereals
    • Pair a whole-grain bread with some peanut butter and egg

    Pack enough proteins in your meals and snacks

    Every time you take a meal or snacks, you must ensure you include protein as needed for your body growth and worn-out repair tissues. Proteins can also be used as a source of energy should carbohydrates be in low supply, thus helping you enjoy your workouts. 

    Here are some sources of protein:

    • Red meat like beef or lamb
    • Fish such as tuna and salmon
    • Dairy- milk, and yogurt 
    • Legumes such as lentils and legumes
    • Poultry- turkey, and chicken. 

    Consume healthy fats

    Fats are vital nutrients you need to fuel your body during exercise. Therefore, for your overall health and muscle strength, you must ensure you take in heart-healthy fats that would help reduce inflammation while improving your calories to keep you moving.

    You can include:

    • Vegetable oils such as olive, canola oils, and avocados.
    • Seeds, nuts, and fatty fish like salmon, sardines, or trout

    Drink more water

    When you exercise, your body loses several liters of water through sweat. Therefore, you must ensure you keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of fresh and pure water. Drinking water during the exercising process would also help maintain your temperature as well as quench your thirst. 

    So, what happens when you diet well but don’t exercise? 

    Regular exercising helps improve your general health, fitness, and quality of your life. It helps reduce your risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, stress, depression, and anxiety, among other conditions. 

    Therefore, you may be taking the proper meals. Still, if you don’t exercise, then you risk the chances of the conditions mentioned above. Also, if you fail to do exercise, the chances are high that you’ll become deconditioned. You’ll have weak muscles and gain weight that puts you at risk of a heart-related condition.  In other words, the exercise would lessen your chances of heart complications.

    You may not see the benefits of exercising in your short-term practices. However, continuous and regular exercise would make a noticeable difference to your overall health. 

    Here is why diet and exercise combine in ensuring a holistic health

    Food is fuel; you use it or lose it

    Exercising determines what your body does with the food you eat and how the food impacts your life. An example is, your body uses protein to ensure muscle growth. So, if your diet but don’t do exercise, you’ll lose muscle mass or struggle to lose fat mass. 

    Bone building

    There’s no doubt you need calcium for healthy bones. However, exercising is also critical in building and maintaining strong bones. Remember, bone is a muscle, and without exercise, it may weaken and become brittle. Therefore, you need to jog, dance, and play tennis for your bone health. 


    Your overall health depends not only on the best diet you take but also on how active you are. Therefore, if you want to live a healthy, vibrant long life, you must ensure you make the right choice of meals and do regular exercises.