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What is the difference between keto and Atkins?

    When it comes to lose weight naturally and pick of low carb diets, Keto and Atkins are choices. Perhaps you are little confused in both these diets. Therefore, you’re here to find out what are these exactly? Are they different? Or what to pick for best weight loss? Your all answers are here. So let us find out.

    Both diets are a low-carb diet, high-fat diet and known for weight loss, but despite form these there are a few things which make both diets different.

    What is Keto?

    The ketogenic diet is a high-fat diet that known for transforming the body into ketosis state that kick-start metabolism to burn fat and cut down cravings and intake of calories. This diet became popular for losing weight quickly. The motive of this diet to put your body into ketosis that produces ketones from fat, carbohydrates, and liver to burn fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. The burning fat energy used as fuel for the body that feeds muscle and other bodies to improve body functioning as well as structure. This also good to boost brain functioning, focus, regulating metabolism, maintain cholesterol and much more.

    Key facts of keto

    •    Produce 5-10% ketone from carbs’
    •    Produce 20% ketone form proteins
    •    Produce 70% ketone from fats

    Keto meal

    The keto meal prep which work to produce ketones in a body are fatty fish, keto egg fast, fatty cuts of meat, full-fat dairy products, Low-carb vegetables, berries, healthy fats, mushroom, egg, chicken and much more.

    Keto types

    A ketogenic diet is of various types such as standard keto diet, cyclical ketogenic diet, targeted ketogenic diet, and a high-protein diet.

    What is Atkins?

    Atkins diet is low-carb diet or fad diet. This advanced by a doctor about half a century ago for introducing the trend of a low-carb diet in individuals for making them fit. According to doctors, cardiologists, nutritionist, and dieticians this diet is pretty good to lose weight instantly. The Atkins diet limits carbs while accentuating fats and proteins. This process quite similar to keto.

    Atkins types

    Atkins are of various types such as Atkins 20, Atkins 40, and modified Atkins. All these types have own principles to work on your body.

    Foods for Atkins

    Atkins is based on low-carb diets such as meat, fish, vegetables, full-fat dairy, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats.

    Which things to avoid while on keto and Atkins diet?

    If you’re trying to lose weight by any one of low-carb diet so you have to be careful. You must avoid the intake of refined oils, high-cad diet, grains, sweets, and Trans fats.

    Final words

    Keto and Atkins both diets are likely to each other, but both have own working form in the body and required an only low-carb diet. Both have different pros and cons for different bodies. In short, it doesn’t matter which diet you have to follow but do it conveniently for the best results.