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What Is The Purple Punch Strain?

    Purple punch strain is Indica-dominant marijuana strain with Indica and Sativa ratio of 80/20. It comprises 18-20% THC with the calming and uplifting effects. Purple punch strain is the perfect strain for a strong mind and high body because of its taste and powerful effect. This strain is found in North America, but at high prices now, it is also available all over Europe.

    The lineage of Purple punch strain

    Purple punch strain is actually a cross-breeding between the two dominant strains that are themselves very effective and rich in taste. These strains are named as Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. It is believed that the breeders of Hawaiian at Supernova Garden breed this strain, but its origin is still a mystery. Although we do not know the origin of this strain but is grown by the many famous breeders as La based Jungle boys because of its unique characteristic and extreme demand. It has a very fruity taste, that is why you can use it as dessert after dinner. Its name purple punch is because of vibrant purple buds that are coveted for its fascinating and enticing smell. Its pellucid beauty makes its camera friendly. It has a classy look with fluffy and dense leathery stem and flowers. 

    Effects of Purple punch strain

    As we know that purple punch strain is as puissant to knock out a very active mind and body high. It can affect the body in various ways. It can cause high energizing effects, even though, with the strong aromas. It can swing your mood to happiness elation with some dizziness. A small dose can uplift the energy and boost your body of high concentration and constructiveness that you needed. In the medical cannabis world, it is used to deal with insomnia, chronic pains and extreme stress or depression. It lowers the pain, spasms and treats nausea. Sometimes purple punch strain can make you feel like you have been knocked out after being hit by the truck. It happens because of the high range of THC about 16-20%. It also has 1% CBD in it that boosts its effects readily. It makes you feel like a cerebral stimulation right behind your eyes; that is why you feel mild euphoria. All this mental stimulation is because of the presence of Sativa genetics in it.  Because of high sedation and body relaxation, that are the common effects of an Indica strain, you should take it just before bed.

    One thing that you might observe after using this strain is cottonmouth and dry eyes. To solve this problem, you should keep your body hydrated and also use some eye drops to keep the eye lubrication in balance. Some cerebral effects like paranoia can emerge in a novice if you consume it in a large dose.


    Its growth is possible both indoors and outdoors. The best indoor environment for the high growth of this strain is balanced humidity and excessive light. Enough airflow is necessary otherwise; it will become susceptible to mould them. It usually takes time of seven to nine weeks for proper growth with the constant cutting and trimming because they can grow up to five feet and cause difficulties in harvesting. The growth rate of this strain is very moderate, so beginners should avoid this strain and go for something less demanding.

    For outdoor plantations, the climate should be sunny as well as humid. It is pretty resilient and stubborn to mildew but prone to mould. Full exposure to sunlight is necessary for healthy flower growth and more productivity. The best time duration for its Growing is considered in mid-late October. You can best the best from


    Therefore, you can go for this if you want a sudden blast of happiness and calmness in your body with the fruity taste and enchanting smell. It is easily available across the nations, and there is a huge chance to fall in love with this strain. Every medical user goes for it when he or she feels like down in the dumps.

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    Ivan Kodinov