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What Is the Relationship Between CBD Oil and Blood Pressure?

    Do you have high blood pressure?

    About 103 million Americans have high blood pressure. The scary part, though, is that many people who have high blood pressure never know it. That’s why you’ll hear medical professionals refer to high blood pressure as being a silent killer.

    Thankfully, new information is coming to light on the powerful connection between CBD oil and blood pressure. Now, instead of hoping your blood pressures healthy, you can do something to make sure it is. Cannabidiol (CBD), a compound in marijuana that does not cause a “high” effect, is capable of lowering blood pressure after just one dose of use. TheHempire is a quality reference source you can refer to:

    Read on to learn everything you need to know about how CBD oils can improve blood pressure.

    What Causes High Blood Pressure?

    To understand the connection between CBD oil and blood pressure, it helps to know what causes high blood pressure. Your body has tiny arteries called arterioles.

    It’s the arteriole’s job to regulate your blood pressure. That’s why if your arterioles tighten up, your blood pressure elevates.

    Since the blood isn’t able to flow freely, your heart has to work twice as hard to pump enough blood through your body. Over time, the pressure grows and grows as your body tries to force more blood through the constricted artery.

    Unfortunately, there isn’t any cure for high blood pressure. The good news, however, is that with the right treatment you can protect your health. Let’s look at how CBD oils can help you treat high blood pressure.

    A Look Inside CBD

    There are tons of CBD products on the market today, and you can even buy bulk CBD oil. There’s CBD products you can take orally, as well as CBD products you apply topically like lotions. However, while there may be countless variations, all CBD products start at the same source.

    Marijuana plants are full of naturally occurring chemical compounds called cannabinoids. CBD is short for cannabidiol. It’s 1 of the many cannabinoids found in marijuana plants.

    When you hear marijuana, you might instantly think of people getting high. However, the cannabinoid CBD doesn’t contain any psychoactive properties.

    When people experience a high after using marijuana it’s because of the cannabinoid called THC. However, to make CBD products, manufacturers filter out the THC.

    While there may be trace amounts of THC products in CBD, there isn’t enough to make you high. Instead, CBD will only help deliver health-enhancing benefits.

    CBD Oil and Blood Pressure

    CBD works by communicating with your body’s endocannabinoid system. Your endocannabinoid system is a complex biological system that regulates bodily functions.

    When you feel hungry or tired, it’s all thanks to your endocannabinoid system. CBD has the power to influence the messages your endocannabinoid system is sending.

    CBD can also activate certain endocannabinoid receptors to jumpstart messages. For instance, CBD can help jumpstart the receptor that signals your brain it’s time to go to sleep.

    By being able to sleep through the night, your body can function at peak capacity. Your blood pressure, along with other bodily functions, will be easier to regulate.

    CBD Lowers Cortisol Levels, Too

    How exactly does stress work? When you’re facing a situation you view as stressful, your body releases a hormone called cortisol. The presence of the hormone alerts your body to the situation, and your body starts to experience stress.

    When you’re stressed out, your blood pressure can rise. Stress-induced hypertension is especially dangerous when you don’t even know you have high blood pressure.

    Luckily studies show CBD can lower your body’s cortisol levels. When the cortisol levels go down, your body feels like it can relax. As your body relaxes, your blood pressure’s able to regulate.

    CBD Is a Vasodilator

    Research shows CBD is an effective vasodilator, meaning that it helps open up your blood vessels. Remember earlier how we mentioned that high blood pressure results from restricted blood vessels or arterioles?

    Tight blood vessels put pressure on arteries, making them tight as well. The result is a spike in blood pressure, that only grows worse over time.

    Since CBD is a vasodilator, it can help end dilate your blood vessels. As the blood vessels dilate, your blood pressure can finally start going down.

    Anti-Inflammatory Properties of CBD

    One of the things CBD is great at doing is stopping inflammation. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties could be the perfect solution for lowering your blood pressure.

    When your arteries experience inflammation it can cause your blood pressure to go up. The inflammation causes the arteries to swell and it becomes difficult for your body to smoothly circulate your blood.

    By introducing CBD into your health regime, you’ll be able to help treat the inflammation in your arteries. As the arteries renew themselves and return to normal, your high blood pressure can regulate.

    CBD Can Be a Hemodynamic Regulator

    There’s ongoing research studying how CBD can help with your body’s hemodynamic response. Hemodynamics refers to the way your blood flows. Specifically, it’s a term to describe the way your blood pressure and heartbeat work together.

    When your body’s hemodynamic system is working properly, your hearts easily able to pump enough blood.

    However, if there’s a flaw in your body’s hemodynamic response, your blood flow immediately suffers. Thankfully, CBD is proving useful as a substitute blood flow regulator if a flaw does occur.

    Protect Your Health

    Now you know the truth about the powerful connection between CBD oil and blood pressure. What’s one new thing you learned CBD can do that you didn’t know before? Were you surprised to find out that CBD has the power to dilate your blood vessels?

    If you think high blood pressures affecting your life, don’t wait to start treating it. Speak to your doctor today about measuring your blood pressure numbers, and go ahead and give CBD a try. For more ways to protect your health, check out the rest of this site.