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What role does sugar consumption have on your oral health?

    Studies in the recent past have suggested people who are more into a sugary diet suffer from more diseases. It is because the sugar content in their blood is high, thereby leading to diabetes. Diabetes, on the other hand, is considered as a slow poison which attracts all other diseases. So think twice before you choose a sugary drink. Dental health is directly related to mental health, also. Teenagers who suffer from tooth pain miss school regularly. Sugar content leads to two things, and they are bacteria and acids. Both lead to tooth decay and cavity. In case of severe dental issues, you might consult Mcallen Tx Invisalign OrthodontistThey are the doctors who are specially qualified to treat your dental problems.


    The bacteria that accumulate in your teeth due to high sugar content feed on your sugar intake. Hence they grow on that. They create a little community of bacteria that is called plaque. It causes cavity in the long run. They also cause toxic products that may enter the gums and lead to gingivitis. It may result in loss of bone and tissue around the teeth. The problem needs treatment at its initial stage. The acids in sweetened drinks are also harmful to the teeth. They lead to dental erosion and tooth decay. They affect the outer layer that is the enamel. As the outer layer starts to decay, the dentin or the inner layer becomes exposed. It then leads to hypersensitivity


    Are all sweet drinks bad for the teeth? 


    The answer is no; they are not. Several sweet drinks are also suitable for teeth like milk. Drinks high in phosphate and calcium are ideal for teeth like yogurt, milk, milk-based beverages, etc. The calcium and phosphate are ingrained in the teeth, making it stronger. They also contain other elements that prevent the bacteria from sticking to the mouth walls, thus creating a protective shield around the teeth. Hence not all sweet drinks are bad for your teeth. You need to choose the right one for yourself. You must read the ingredient list before purchasing beverages to choose correctly.


    It would be best if you taught healthy habits for good oral health.


    • First and foremost, brush your teeth twice regularly. It prevents bacterial growth in the mouth. Also, it helps to give you good breath and renewed confidence. Also, you can brush your teeth after having sweet drinks. It also helps to prevent many dental problems. 
    • Secondly, reduce your sugar consumption as it might create an atmosphere where bacteria can grow and thrive. 
    • Thirdly, drink plenty of water. It will help keep the balance of water intact in your body and wash away excess sugar and acids from your system. 
    • Lastly, supplement sugary drinks with some healthy drinks like milk, water, yogurt, etc.  


    Hence it can be ascertained that all that is sweet is not bad. What is required is the right selection of food items. It will help to keep the balance of all elements intact in your body. So be mindful of your oral health.