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What should I look for when buying a spin bike

    You may miss out on some cycling classes at the stadium, but you don’t know when you’ll feel comfortable returning to a crowded studio apartment. Or maybe you love your regular bike so much that you want to ride indoors when there is freezing weather, orperhaps you want to find a new way to pump blood. Regardless of your motivation, investing in a spin bike is a great way to get back in shape at home. 

    Cycling indoors is one of the most influential and popular forms of training today. Here, you can enjoy all the benefits of cycling at the cycling club or local gym without leaving your home. The best brands of spin bikes can turn a tedious training experience into something enjoyable. 

    However, with the advent of cycling, many companies try to release their bikes, resulting in people doing more research on these spin bikes to buy ones that will give them a more satisfying experience. Well, below is a detailed buying guide providing you with vital information on what you should look for when buying a spin bike.

    Flywheel weight

    The flywheel is the wheel in front of the spin bike. Much like an outdoor bicycle, a flywheel is the one that rotates when a cyclist is cyclingthe cycle. When you want to purchase a spin bike, you must observe the weight of the flywheel. The mass of the flywheel determines the movement of the cycle at large. When the flywheel is heavy, the motion is much smoother.

    On home spinbikes, the flywheel typically weighs around 40 pounds. The flywheel weight of commercial bikes is approximately 50 pounds. When looking for a spin bike, avoid cycles with a flywheel weight of fewer than 35 pounds. Anything under 35 pounds is too light to create a smooth movement. It’s great to try out a few different bikes and get to know them before deciding.

    Frame and legs

    The frame is critical, regardless of the type of the spin bike. Find an exercise bike with a strong stabilizer and wide legs for optimal balance. Assessing the body of a cycle can be a little tricky when shopping online. Since most bikes have a sturdy frame, always focus on the feet and make sure they are wide enough to keep the cycle in balance, even when you use it in rigorous conditions.

    Drive system

    Exercise bikes have two different typesof drive methods. One is a belt drive system, and the other is a chain drive system. Whenever possible, always purchase one with a belt on theflywheel. The belt drive assembly is superior in many ways. First, it hardly creates any sound. Besides, it does not require the same maintenance as the chain drive, and the belts are easier to adjust, unlike the chain drive system.

    Braking system

    There are three types of braking systems. You’ll find a spinning bike with leather brake pads,fabric brake pads, and magnetic braking. Textile brake pads are standard on basic household bikes. Leather pads are found mainly on upper-level spin bikes for private and commercial use. The magnetic brake system is a considerableachievement. These braking systems are noise-free, as there is no flywheel physical contact with the magnets. They offer a much more comprehensive range of resistance. Moreover, it does not require replacement or maintenance. A magnetic brake system should be your first choice if it is an option.

    Resistance mode

    The spinning bike has four different resistance mechanisms. There is a cable resistor, a manual screw resistor, a magnetic resistor, an electronic resistor, and an electromagnetic resistor. The cable resistance mechanism is common on low-cost bikes, and we do not recommend it mainly because it tends to slip and is therefore not reliable.

    The mounting screw’s resistance is of the type that contains a button and works in a similar way to an analog system. It is a simple system that gets the job done. Electronic magnetic brakes use a small hydraulic system to move the magnet and adjust the flywheel’s resistance. Electromagnetic methods are still scarce and a relatively new addition to a spinning bike. It has no moving parts because it uses an electromagnetic field to generate resistance.


    Almost all types of exercise bikes have adjustable seats and an adjustable handle. Different bike models offer various configuration options. Adjustability is significant if you are overweight or too tall, and an adjustment is necessary. Adjustment is generally not a significant problem, as most bikes can adjust the seat both vertically and horizontally. The same applies to the handle of the bike.

    Display device

    Almost all exercise bikescome with a display screen. The basic system shows the bike’s speed, the total distance you are covering, and an estimate of calories you burn during the exercise. Some bikes provide more information. For instance, it shows real-time information about a user’s heart rate or allows you to set goals basing on the distance you are cycling.

    Bike pedals

    Most exercise bike pedals have a sturdy strap. Some commercial bikes have a unique SPD compression strap for special cycling shoes. They are a little bit safer than a toe strap, but that should not worry you.

    Bottle holder

    A spin bike can be as strenuous as riding a bicycle outdoors and causes as much sweat like any other exercise form. So it is essential to stay properly hydrated. Most exercise bikes have a bottle holder, and some larger models also have a double holder. It is crucial to consider the location of the bottle cage. Access to the bottle can be difficult when cycling. Youhave to take this into account when looking for a spinning bike.

    Transportation wheels

    Exercise bikes are generally tough to transport, especially spin bikes with a heavy flywheel, making them almost impossible to transport. So your bike must have transportation wheels, especially if you buy it for your home, where space is often limited.


    In conclusion, now that you have the essential information you needto buy the right spinning bike, you need to consider other things. All exercise types are necessary to maintain overall health and well-being, but we must maintain a healthy diet.When you put togethera regular spinning routine and a nutritious diet, the short-term results are more than enough to motivate you for long-term gains. Whether you are a beginner in the cycling world or a veteran with significant experience who has seen it all, we hope this guide has provided you with insights on what to look for when buying a spin bike.