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What To Do If a Botched Surgery Happens to You

    The advancements in modern technology have enabled experts to develop safe procedures that help patients achieve their dream bodies. Cosmetic surgery can help boost your self-esteem and deal with certain health issues when done right. However, there is no shortage of horror stories of patients who leave the doctor’s office with botched results and broken hearts. You are not immune to botched surgery results, and it would help if you prepared in advance for this eventuality. Keep reading this article to find out what to do if a botched surgery happens to you. 

    Take time to heal first 

    As the saying goes, it gets worse before it can get better. What seems like a botched result to you could be the result of the healing process. Even after minor procedures, the body takes time before it can heal fully and reveal satisfying results. You might be surprised at how good a surgical site looks after a few weeks of healing. Therefore, we suggest you give your body time to heal before you can conclude your result is botched. 

    Dig deeper and rule out body dysmorphic disorder 

    The main reason people get cosmetic procedures is that they are unhappy with their appearance. However, even after the process, they might still manage to notice flaws that nobody else can see. In this case, they might have a psychological disorder known as body dysmorphia, which affects about 2% of the population. You could do some soul searching, determine whether your dissatisfaction stems from a deeper psychological issue, and seek professional help. 

    Make an appointment with your surgeon

    It is only natural to want to go back to your doctor after you notice a terrible outcome. Remember that surgeons are humans with limitations, and they are bound to make mistakes. Explain your concerns to your doctor and have them examine you to determine whether the undesired outcome is a result of the healing process. If they make a mistake during the procedure, they should be in a position to tell right away. 

    Consider corrective surgeries

    Corrective surgeries are one of the best ways to remedy a botched result. For instance, if you went to another doctor for breast augmentation and they ended up making one breast bigger than the other, you would need corrective surgery to make the breasts symmetrical. If you live around Beverly Hills, you could get breast revision surgery by Dr. Cohen, who will know how to fix the previous surgeon’s mistake. However, instead of dismissing your original doctor, you could try giving them a second chance to fix the botched result. 

    Document everything 

    If it is evident that your surgeon wronged you and left you with a highly messed up result, you could gather evidence and file a complaint against them. Take as many photos as you can, note down your symptoms, and document the dates and times of all the events. You can then reach out to a lawyer specializing in cosmetic surgery or medical cases to help you get compensation.  

    Final thoughts

    A botched result could reduce the quality of your life and make you feel even more self-conscious than you were before. However, it is essential to remember that no two bodies heal in the same way and that cosmetic surgeon are not perfect beings who are bound to make mistakes.