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What to Expect During PDO Thread Lift

    Your face’s skin may look older than your age due to genetic influence, smoking, sun damage, and medical issues. Dull skin with wrinkles and lines may depreciate your self-esteem and confidence. However, there are many cosmetic services you can undergo to make your face look young and fresh. Polydioxanone thread lift (PDO) is a recent cosmetic technique that you can undergo to enhance your face’s skin and neck. To have a successful PDO thread lift on your face and neck, consult a wellness and anti aging specialist in Yonkers, NY. Below are the different types of PDO thread lift you can undergo.

    The different types of PDO thread lift

      There are several types of PDO threads available for skin tightening. PDO deals with lifting, drooping eyebrows, jowls, forehead lines, wrinkles, and sagging neck skin. They include:

    •       Mono threads. Mono threads are placed in your skin through minimally invasive surgery. They are generally smooth and structured like a mesh to achieve maximum tightening effects. A Collagen stimulator is added to the treads, which stimulates the collagen pigment responsible for skin tightening. Mono threads can be used on face and neck skin. However, a mono thread can be used with cog thread to achieve the best tight and lifted skin.
    •       Cog threads. Cog threads have bards, unlike mono threads. These bards maximally offer supports to your sagging skin tissues, thus providing a maximum facelift. However, cog threads contain medicine that stimulates collagen pigments in your face. Cog threads can be combined with mono thread to mechanically produce firm and smooth skin that can last for a long time.
    •       Screw threads. Screw threads are typically used to increase the volume of your skin.  During thread placement, two threads are intertwined together and placed in the respective area of the lift. These two threads amplify your skin, thus giving the best result. However, to have the best screw thread, you must have a professional doctor. Collagens are also stimulated around the area of treatment. Screw threading lasts for more than 24 months before re-threading. You can visit here to learn a few things to do before the thread lift procedure.

    Things to do before undergoing a thread lift procedure

    There are several things you can do prior to the day of surgery. They include:

    •       You should avoid the use of aspirin medication. The presence of aspirin in your body causes bleeding and other skin complications.
    •       Avoiding the use of a steam room and sauna. This may quicken your recovery process.
    •       You should avoid the use of chili, garlic, and omega fish oil with vitamin E. These products may cause acidic sweat, which irritates your skin. Ginger teas should be avoided too.
    •       Consumption of alcohol and cigarettes should be avoided one week before the thread lift procedure. This helps by keeping your skin moist and fresh.

    PDO threading is a recent technique of face and neck skin lifting. This procedure produces the best results which can last for more than 18 months. Natural protein pigments found in the skin called collagen are also regenerated during thread lifting.