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What to Expect When Using Overnight Spot Patches By PanOxyl

    If there’s one certainty in life, it’s that zits and breakouts happen when you least want them to – usually just before that big date or an important work interview. When you find yourself in that position, the tendency is to use harsh methods to deal with the problem, meaning that you’ll ultimately end up making the issue worse. Not so when using overnight spot patches from PanOxyl.

    These amazing little patches – as their name alludes to – are worn overnight and can help to eliminate those zits in a gentle way when time is tight. Able to absorb fluids like pus and sebum, they’re able to help your skin heal that much faster.

    Latex-Free Hydrocolloid Patches

    These hugely popular patches from PanOxyl are completely safe for every skin type and they’ll allow your skin to recover from spots so much more quickly. Their latex-free hydrocolloid design also prevents the tendency to pick at your spots – something that should be absolutely avoided as it can result in permanent scarring. 

    Of course, there are other acne dots available on the market, but these are a little thicker, meaning that they’re able to protect your skin and absorb more fluid. With 40 patches in each box featuring two different sizes, you literally get months worth of protection for what is a small investment.

    As Gentle As Can Be For The Skin

    Part of the reason why these spot patches are so gentle to the skin is the fact that they’re about the purest and most naturally-based products of their kind.

    They contain nothing in the way of:

    • Parabens
    • Sulfates
    • Fragrances
    • Dyes
    • Latex

    So, it ‘s by keeping all of these elements that could potentially cause irritation to the skin that makes them perfect for the job in hand. But how exactly do you use them?

    How to Use PanOxyl Spot Patches

    When using these effective little spot patches, the first thing you should be doing is cleansing and drying your skin. Then, depending on the size of the spot you’re trying to get rid of, pick either the larger or smaller of the two sizes found in the box.

    Once you’re sure that the entire spot has been covered, you should then leave it in place overnight, allowing it to do its work. When rising the next morning, it’s best to be nice and cautious, carefully and slowly removing the patch. All that’s left to do then is clean and dry the area in question and get on with your day. It’s that easy!

    So those benefits again…these incredible spot patches allow you to:

    • Eliminate blemishes
    • Keep your spots clean and free from bacteria
    • Speed up the healing process
    • Absorb secretions that issue forth from your spot
    • Avoid damaging the skin through picking
    • Greatly reduces the risk of permanent scarring

    Don’t Put Up With Acne When You Don’t Have To!

    So, as is totally evident, the route to cleaner skin is very much more straightforward when PanOxyl spot patches are used. They’re gentle, free of all irritants and they do their work as you sleep. So, stop picking and suffering and get on board with these awesome patches today!