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What to Take to a Care Home to Help Your Parent Settle In

    Introduction Transitioning a parent into a care home can be a challenging process, both emotionally and practically. However, by preparing adequately and providing familiar items, you can help ease this transition for your loved one. Here’s a comprehensive guide on what to take to a care home to assist your parent in settling in comfortably.

    1. Essential Documents 

    Ensuring you have all necessary documents readily available can streamline the administrative process of admitting your parent to the care home. Important documents to bring include:

    • Identification documents (passport, driver’s license, etc.).
    • Health insurance information.
    • Power of attorney and any legal documents relevant to their care.
    1. Personal Belongings 

    Familiar items from home can provide comfort and a sense of familiarity in the new environment. Places like Stanshawes care home based in Yate have tastefully decorated rooms and spaces, but having personal items will make a big difference. Encourage your parent to bring:

    • Favorite clothes, including comfortable loungewear and outfits for special occasions.
    • Photographs and personal mementos to decorate their room.
    • Bedding and pillows for added comfort.
    • Familiar toiletries and grooming products.
    1. Medications and Medical Supplies 

    Ensure a smooth transition by organizing your parent’s medications and medical supplies before their move to the care home. Remember to pack:

    • Sufficient prescription medications with clear instructions.
    • Over-the-counter medications they regularly use, though some care facilities might have their own policies on this, and provide homely remedies, so be sure to check this out before you pack everything.
    • Medical equipment such as walking aids, hearing aids, or glasses. Some facilities might be able to provide some mobility devices and walking aids if necessary so get in touch with them to check.
    1. Entertainment and Leisure Items 

    Enrich your parent’s daily life at the care home by providing entertainment and leisure items that align with their interests:

    • Books, magazines, or e-readers loaded with favorite titles.
    • Puzzle books, knitting supplies, or other hobbies they enjoy.
    • Portable music players with their favorite songs or soothing playlists.
    • A tablet or laptop for staying connected with family and accessing entertainment online.
    1. Communication Devices 

    Facilitate communication between your parent and their caregivers, as well as family and friends, by bringing along:

    • A charged mobile phone with important contacts saved.
    • A list of phone numbers for family members and close friends.
    • A notebook for jotting down questions, concerns, or memories.
    1. Comfort Items and Snacks 

    Help your parent feel at home by stocking up on comfort items and favorite snacks:

    • Comfortable slippers and a cozy robe.
    • Their favorite snacks and treats.
    • Herbal teas or beverages they enjoy.


    By thoughtfully packing essential items and personal touches, you can support your parent in settling comfortably into their new home at the care facility. Remember that the transition may take time, and providing emotional support and reassurance throughout the process is equally important. With patience and preparation, you can help your parent navigate this new chapter with ease and dignity.