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What Type of Chair Should You Sit in With Tailbone Pain?

    If you have a sore backbone or tailbone which is stopping you from enjoying your favorite TV show or reading novel, you must look out for the type of chair which is specifically designed for aiding backbone through providing professional lumbar support. 

    An ordinary chair you use to sit may affect your spine to get pressure and ultimately the soreness, which can last for months. This condition can be a prominent hindrance for your daily as well as working life. 

    Now here the question is really common for you to ask: what type of chair should you sit in with tailbone pain?

    So let us be a solution in this problem and get the top five chair options which include: Forward Tilting Office Chair, Split Style Saddle Stool, Split Seat Office Chair, Kneeling Chair, and Ball Chair.

    For sure, a posture erected can heal the pain!

    Reasons You Experience Tailbone Pain:

    There are some reasons which may lead to the initiation of tailbone pain and also intensify its occurrence. What are they and how do they propagate? Here’s it!

    → Bad Posture: Sitting inappropriately or sitting without positioning torso (upper body) and limbs on standard height and place makes you vulnerable to tailbone pain. It is what we call a bad posture which is the root cause of all types of sitting pains.

    → Osteoporosis/Arthritis: Soften bones or disability of the skeleton due to any genetic and nutritional disease can cause tailbone pain.

    → Obesity (Overweight): Being overweight drives great pressure over the spine because it is the central point which bears the whole pressure of the upper body. The spine from the bottom feels really painful due to pressure around the coccyx.

    Infection or Disease: Any infection (e.gVertebral osteomyelitis) and cancer of spine may induce tailbone pain. 

    Other reasons may include pregnancy or childbirth tailbone pain, that lasts for some time and after you enter into the normal life once again. But if you let the above mentioned conditions unsolved, you may develop coccydynia which is a worse phase of tailbone soreness. 

    So here is the first step you can take to treat your pain yourself!

    Types of Chairs You Should Choose For Tailbone Pain:

    1. Forward Tig Office Chair

    A forward tilt can support attaining a healthy posture. Having a chair with forward tilt can aid bad posture even after spending 6 hours constantly sitting at job. Sitting on a task chair can help make muscles tight, which can limit your potential for doing tasks. It can also affect the core muscles by lessening their elasticity in the back and side.

    Comparatively, the tilting office chair overcomes the areas where you experience mostly uncomfortable due to straightening of spine. Its ergonomic features additionally play an important role correcting your posture and offers reclining and swivel options. Let’s checkout 

    the guide to find the chair for tailbone pain that offer you permanent relief from this type of back issues.

    Split Style Saddle Stool

    This stool has a seat splitted into two halves but are close to each other. It equally pushes your buttocks upward and sustains the pressure on both sides in a balance. The coccyx experiences less pressure and as a result, your tailbone stays healthy without getting stiff.

    If we talk about other conveniences offered by split saddle stools, the seat can be heighted on many different positions. The tilting handle locks the seat tightly on its height. It ensures you are not going to fall off the seat. Further, the rolling casters at the base smoothly move the stool over all surfaces.

    Split Seat Office Chair

    Unlike the split seat saddle stool, the split seat office chair has a backrest which is adjustable and adds more support to your neck and spine. The support provided to the neck and shoulders relieves the muscles and reduces the stress around collar bones. 

    This aids the upper body to divide the pressure along the spine. The lower back experiences less strain and helps keep it healthy for hours. 

    1. Kneeling Chair

    On a kneeling chair, you can fold your knees under the seat. It helps transfer the pressure on the central joint at the base of the spine to the lower body. The buttocks stay a little above the thighs. This direction stretches the muscles on the femur (thigh bone) and overcomes pressure on the tailbone.

    Usually office workers and students use this chair, as they have to spend hours sitting constantly for completing tasks. As household furniture, the chair provides sufficient support from the back and eliminates all types of stretches. It is therefore recommended for those who are not overweight and need immediate solutions!

    1. Ball Chair

    As its name suggests, the ball chair has a ball-shaped seat which fits perfectly around your pelvic or waist and makes it less exposed to bear pressure. It comes with no technical features which are hard for some people to handle. Therefore, we call it a quick remedy for treating tailbone pain which arises from the bottom of the spine.

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    Since tailbone health makes you an overall active and punctual person, its pain is really a trial which should be treated sooner. If it stays for months untreated, the muscles and ligaments around coccyx can leave the place and become a consistent discomfort while sitting.

    The five types of chars described above can be a proper aid to your complication. It is the first and most important step you can take for treating soaring tailbone and trapping its pain!