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    We mostly used shoes to make our look complete. It is an essential part of our dressing without shoes, our dressing incomplete. Our stuffing is depending upon shoes. Without shoes, our feet could not feel protected. It is a source of protection. It protects all harm from outside. There are different types of footwear. That it plays a different role in our life, therefore you wear according to occasion or event. 


    • Casual footwear that people wear daily.


    Boots are the best kind of casual shoes. These shoes protect your feet. We can see that every people wear shoes on a daily routine. These shoes are so comfortable and flexible. It protects for various accidents. It makes our personality perfectly.


    • Sports shoes that most players use in sports.


    If you belong to those people who like sports shoes, then you are the best choice for footwear. Because it is so comfortable, these shoes mostly use in jogging, running and sports game like baseball, football, cricket etc. it gives enough support for your feet. Its flexibility protects our foot; it’s easy to run. It protects blister, tripping and any accident.

    • Hazardous working shoes.

    Many companies make special shoes for workers. These companies use unique material in making like PPE equipment. It protects for injuries. If you worked in those companies where risk are at falling, these safety boots are a significant source of protection. You can check out working shoes and safety products for workers here.  


    • Rubber shoes.


    These shoes made of rubber, and it provides traction. If you are work in slippery ground, then these shoes offer traction. It protects from slipping. It gives perfect balance on wet ground. Mostly these shoes use in garage workers, where oil spilt all surface. 


    • Metal instep shoes.


    Metal instep shoe is the type of the shoes. These shoes make for a unique environment. It protects from sharp objects. If you worked in a glass factory, then these shoes give protection from sharp objects like broken pieces of glass, nails and pointy metal.


    • Safety toe shoes


     It is also a type of the shoes. These shoes classified into two types. Composite toe shoe is also its kind. If you worked in an electronic company, it designs unique material, and this material protects from electricity.  Because it makes nonmetallic material. Therefore, electrical workers wear these shoes. It is so lightweight and comfortable. You can get your safety shoes from 


    • Cold and moisture. 


    The footwear protects us with the extreme weather condition. Extreme cold can become a cause of hypothermia, which is too dangerous. Those workers that work in freezing weather. Then the shoes are a significant source of protection. You cannot stand in freezing weather without shoes, because your feet could also freeze. It is not only cold harmful to your feet. Moisture also affects your feet. Your footwear provides significant protection for all type of environment. Waterproof boots protect from cold and moisture that your fingers of feet protect from fungus and mold. We can say that all footwear gives significant protection to our feet.