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What Type of Mask for Coronavirus is Best for Exercising?

    The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 changed the way Americans work out indoors. While outdoor runners and bikers still have some flexibility in wearing masks, many gyms require guests to wear a mask to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

    What type of mask for coronavirus still allows the best breathability? Take a look at this guide to finding a comfortable face mask for your exercise routine.

    Do Masks Help with Coronavirus?

    The Center for Disease Control strongly encourages Americans to wear masks coverings to slow the spread of coronavirus. While there’s some research that shows masks aren’t foolproof, they can block large particles from spreading into the air around you.

    One of the top face mask benefits is to prevent you from spreading COVID-19 to other people around you. Unfortunately, tiny pathogens might still enter your face mask which could lead to infection.

    Recommendations from the CDC are the reason many businesses, fitness centers and gyms now require the use of face masks while inside. Well ventilated spaces like public parks or hiking trails help blow away potentially harmful particles in the area.

    When you’re indoors working out, the air conditioning and heating system recycle air which can mean bringing the same harmful pathogens back into the breathing area. Everyone wearing a mask in the gym helps slow this spread of harmful viruses. 

    The same is true of people working out outside if they’re within 6 feet of other people. 

    What Type of Mask for Coronavirus?

    Mask requirements have people flocking to just about every store in search of the most comfortable, affordable option. Surgical N-95 masks are in high demand and have the most potential of blocking the coronavirus from entering your airways. 

    Unfortunately, these masks are mostly reserved for essential healthcare workers with jobs in hospitals or nursing homes. The next best option is a well fitted cloth covering.

    The way the mask fits is key. Even an ill-fitting N-95 mask would allow particles that could prove harmful to your immune system.

    When working out, opt for a cut-up t-shirt using a tutorial offered by the CDC. This slightly stretches, woven material forms to the shape of your face meaning there are fewer gaps in the sides.

    Don’t buy a mask with an exhalation valve. The CDC warns that these masks still allow particles inside the mask which might help with breathing, but it’ll expose you to the virus

    If you’re looking to buy a mask, try mask designs with adjustable loopholes so your mask doesn’t slip off your nose while wearing it. You can protect yourself or others from the spread of coronavirus if your mask won’t cover your airways.

    Choose the Right Mask Material

    Working out with a face mask takes getting used to. You’ll have to adjust your routine to account for the restrictions on your breathing. 

    So what type of mask for coronavirus helps you keep your breathing as close as possible to your regular fitness plan. Layered, cotton masks that form well to your face are the best option. Check these surgical mask Canada.

    You’ll worry less about keeping the mask up over your nose while you workout while getting the most protection from the coronavirus. For more information and health tips, visit our blog for updates.