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What Was the James Bond Card Game in Casino Royale?

    “Bond. James Bond.”

    It’s a quote we all know (unless you’ve been living under a rock—no judgment here). This quote hails from the famous James Bond series, which follows a secret agent, 007, from mission to mission. 

    Today, we’re going to discuss the 21st movie in the series, Casino Royale, in which Bond was played by then-unheard-of Daniel Craig. Worldwide, this installment managed to make an astounding $594,420,283 in theaters

    The gist of the film relies on one thing: a high-stakes gambling game.

    For those who’ve wondered about this famous James Bond card game, wonder no more. We discuss the details here.

    James Bond, Casino Royale: Then and Now

    The 2006 James Bond film features a game different than its earlier version.

    In older editions of Casino Royale, Bond tried his hand at Baccarat chemin-de-fer. This game appears in many Bond books and films, but especially in Casino Royale, where the plot relies on Bond winning this game.

    In the newer film, the plot stays the same, but the game changes—Bond is sent to Madagascar to defeat Le Chiffre, a terrorist supporter whose funds are running low.

    Le Chiffre holds a high-stakes gambling game at the Casino Royale. If he wins, he’ll use the money to continue supporting terrorist groups.

    Bond is sent there by M16 to play against him. This plan could be both good and bad, depending on the result of the game.

    If Bond loses and Le Chiffre gets the money, the British government has actively financed terrorism. If Bond wins (which, spoiler alert, he does), he can persuade Le Chiffre to rat on more villainous players.

    The plot was altered so that Bond played a new game in lieu of Baccarat, which many viewers agree improved the movie as it modernized it.

    With that being said, let’s discuss this game-changing twist!

    The New James Bond Card Game? Texas Hold’Em

    The new Casino Royale gives us a modern update on the classics—here, Bond plays Le Chiffre in an intense game of poker, Texas Hold’em-style.

    This game is the most popular version of poker played in the U.S., and therefore a fitting switch for this century’s films. 

    This style of Poker ups the ante, as the bets have no limits. 

    Each player begins with two private cards, known as Hole Cards or Pocket Cards. This is when the betting starts.

    The second betting round begins when the dealer places three community cards face-up (called the Flop). A third betting round begins when the dealer sets a fourth community card on the table—this known as the Turn. The fourth betting round is called the River, when a fifth community card is dealt on the table face-up.

    In the fifth and final round, called the Showdown, each player gets to play their best hand of five cards. This includes their two private cards and any three of the five community cards.

    To play as smoothly as our hero 007, try your hand a few times first on online gambling sites like Unibet—that way, you can walk out of the casino with your head held high.

    Play Your Odds

    This new James Bond card game was perfectly fitting for the 21st-century rendition. 

    It was high stakes, modern, and thrilling enough to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, waiting to see if good or evil would prevail.

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